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Monday 19 December

9.00-9.50 Registration & coffee (room P.015B)
9.50-10.00 Opening by Frank Veltman (room 2.27)
  Chair: Frank Veltman (room 2.27)
10.00-11.00 Irene Heim
Interpreting reconstruction in interrogative clauses
  Chair: Frank Veltman (room 0.20)   Chair: Remko Scha (room 0.14)
11.15-11.45 Michael Franke
Scales, Salience and Referential Safety: The Benefit of the Extreme
  Julie Hunter
Now: A Discourse-Based Theory
11.45-12.15 Sveta Krasikova
Definite Theory of Superlatives
  Reinhard Muskens
A Theory of Names and True Intensionality

Anna Chernilovskaya and Rick Nouwen

On wh-exclamatives and noteworthiness

  Tim Fernando
Steedman's Temporality Proposal and Finite Automata
  Workshop: Inquisitiveness
Chair: Floris Roelofsen (room 0.20)
Chair: Hedde Zeijlstra (room 0.14)
13.45-14.15 Martin Aher
Free Choice in Deontic Inquisitive Semantics (DIS)
  Ka-fat Chow
Generalizing Monotonicity Inferences to Opposition Inferences
14.15-14.45 Robin Cooper and Jonathan Ginzburg
Negative inquisitiveness and alternatives-based negation
  Ryan Waldie
Nuu-chah-nulth Evidentials and the Origo
15.00-15.30 Markus Steinbach and Edgar Onea
Where Question, Conditionals and Topics Converge
  Vincent Homer
As Simple as It Seems
15.30-16.00 Wataru Uegaki
Inquisitive knowledge attribution and the Gettier problem
  Lucas Champollion
Each vs. jeweils: A cover-based view on distance-distributivity
  Chair: Floris Roelofsen (room 2.27)
16.15-17.15 Manfred Krifka
Questions and question acts
17.15-17.30 Launch of the Festschrift for Martin Stokhof
20.00-21.00 Beth/Vienna Circle Lecture (Doelenzaal)
Kevin Kelly
An Erotetic Theory of Empirical Simplicity and its Connection with Truth


Welcome Reception at Kapitein Zeppos

Tuesday 20 December


Chair: Martin Stokhof (room 2.27)


Seth Yalcin
Context Probabilism



Chair: Henk Zeevat (room 0.20)


Chair: Henriette de Swart (room 0.14)


Arno Bastenhof
Polarities in logic and semantics
  I-Ta Chris Hsieh
On the Non-Licensing of NPIs in the Only-Focus


Chris Blom, Philippe de Groote, Yoad Winter and Joost Zwarts
Implicit Arguments: Event Modification or Option Type Categories?
  Natalia Ivlieva
Obligatory implicatures and grammaticality


Udo Klein
Scope underspecification by expansion
  Todor Koev
On the Grounding Status of Appositive Relative Clauses



Chair: Galit W. Sassoon (room 2.27)
Poster talks (programme)


Poster session + lunch



Chair: Robert van Rooij (room 2.27)


Bart Geurts

Superlative quantifiers: a dynamic approach


  Workshop: Semantic evidence
Chair: Katrin Schulz (room 0.20)
Chair: Robert van Rooij (room 0.14)
15.30-16.00 Janina Radó and Oliver Bott 
Underspecified representations of scope ambiguity?
  Simon Charlow
Cross-categorial donkeys
16.00-16.30 Sonja Tiemann and Florian Schwarz
Presupposition Processing -- The Case of German wieder
  Daniel Hardt, Line Mikkelsen and Bjarne Ørsnes
Sameness, Ellipsis and Anaphora
16.30-17.00 Agata Maria Renans
Projective behaviour of Nur -- quantitative experimental research
  Jonathan Ginzburg, Raquel Fernández and David Schlangen
On the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dysfluency
  Chair: Katrin Schulz (room 2.27)
17.15-18.15 Richard Breheny

Ask not (only) what experimental psychology can do for you. Ask what you can do for experimental psychology


Wednesday 21 December


Chair: Vadim Kimmelman (room 2.27)


Philippe Schlenker
The Semantics of Pronouns: Insights and Problems from Sign Language



Workshop: Sign language
Chair: A. Baker and R. Pfau (room 0.20)


Chair: Michael Franke (room 0.14)


Gemma Barberà Altimira
When wide scope is not enough: scope and topicality of discourse referents


Jacques Jayez and Bob van Tiel
Only 'only'. An experimental window on exclusiveness


Josep Quer
Quantificational strategies across language modalities


David Beaver and Elizabeth Coppock
Exclusive Updates! Brought to you by your local QUD



Kathryn Davidson
When Disjunction looks like Conjunction: Pragmatic Consequences in ASL


Noor van Leusen
The accommodation potential of implicative verbs


Ronnie Wilbur, Evie Malaia and Robin Shay
Degree modification and intensification in ASL adjectives


Ting Xu
You again: How is its ambiguity derived?



Chair: Paul Dekker (room 2.27) 


Chung-chieh Shan

Shadows of meaning



Chair: Paul Dekker (room 0.20)


Chair: J. Groenendijk (room 0.14)


Friederike Moltmann
Tropes, Intensional Relative Clauses and the Notion of a Variable Object


Marta Abrusan
Focus, Evidentiality and Soft triggers


Louise McNally and Henriette de Swart
Inflection and derivation: how adjectives and nouns refer to abstract objects


Andreas Walker
Focus, Uniqueness and Soft Presupposition Triggers


Gianluca Giorgolo and Stephanie Needham

Pragmatic constraints on gesture use: the effect of downward entailing contexts on gesture processing


Tohru Seraku
Multiple Foci in Japanese Clefts and the Growth of Semantic Representation



Chair: Jeroen Groenendijk (room 2.27)


Donka Farkas
Polarity particles in English and beyond