How to Apply

Please note:

The University of Amsterdam is working on an online application procedure, which will be implemented shortly.

  • for a start in February 2017, follow the instructions below;
  • for a start in September 2017 and after, please do not apply now, wait until after the online application has been implemented.
    Please check this website regularly to find out when that has happened.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

To apply to either the MSc Logic or the Logic Year you have to provide the following material by regular mail or in person. Please note that applications by email are not accepted.

  1. A complete application form. This form can be downloaded as a Word document or PDF file. If you have problems reading or downloading these files, please send a message to to ask for a plain text application form.
  2. A written statement (approximately one page) of your motivation (for instance: why are you applying for the programme, why Logic, why Amsterdam?)
  3. Two academic letters of reference, written by two faculty members who are familiar with your work. These must be sent separately or enclosed with the application in a sealed envelope.
    Exception: Letters of reference from employees of the UvA can be sent by email to the programme director.
  4. Certified copies of all academic diplomas (all copies must have the seal of the school and the signature of the registrar).
    Exception: For students with a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree from the UvA, an uncertified copy is sufficient.
  5. Official transcripts and grades of all university courses/examinations taken.
    Exception: For students with a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree from the UvA, a printout from SIS is sufficient.
  6. Your TOEFL or IELTS scores. English language test scores can be sent separately by the test institute as soon as they become available, but please enclose a copy of the test result with the application as well.
    Exception 1: Native speakers of English don't need an English test.
    Exception 2: For Dutch students, English at VWO level is sufficient.
    Exception 3: If you received your Bachelor's degree from a programme taught in English in a country in which English is the native language, then the English test requirement may be waived. In this case, please contact the International Office of the UvA's Faculty of Science and ask whether this exception applies to you.
  7. A copy of your passport (identity page) or birth certificate.
  8. Two passport photos (please write your name on the back).

Please note that the certified copies of your diplomas (no. 3) and the English language test scores (no. 5) may be sent later. The decision on your admission to the programme can be made under the condition that you will provide us with these documents later.

Please make sure your form and documents are single-sided and not stapled (where possible).


  • The application deadlines for a start on September 1 are as follows:

    Apr. 1: for students from EU/EEA countries (including the Netherlands),
    Feb. 1: for students from other countries.

  • The application deadlines for a start on February 1 are as follows:

    Dec. 1: for students from EU/EEA countries (including the Netherlands),
    Oct. 1: for students from other countries.

    Although it is possible to start in February, please be aware that we do recommend starting in September.

  • If possible, we will consider also applications received after these deadlines, but we cannot guarantee a successful visa application procedure and housing support anymore. For more detailed information on visa applications and housing, please have a look here.

  • While we can start processing your application already before receiving the result of your English language test, in case you wish to apply to one of the scholarship programmes run through the University of Amsterdam (Beth, AMS, AES), we must receive your test result by the official deadline indicated above.

After application

  • You will be informed of the receipt of your application, and any other documents that arrive for you, within a couple of days.
  • The Master of Logic has no fixed quota of places to fill each year. This means that assessment of your application can start immediately upon receipt (rather than only after the official deadline). The Examinations Board determines acceptance on the basis of the information you supply in your application. It might be that additional information is needed to come to a decision. In that case you will be contacted directly. You will be informed of the outcome of your application as soon as possible. We aim to have a decision within 4 to 6 weeks.

After admission

  • Dutch students: Once admitted, you still have to enrol at the University of Amsterdam using Studielink. Please mind the deadlines:

    Aug. 31 for a start on September 1
    Jan. 31 for a start on February 1

  • International students: Once admitted, you will be contacted by our International Team. They will give you all kinds of practical information to prepare you for your trip to Amsterdam and your stay here, such as visa application, housing issues and enrolment at the University of Amsterdam. Please note that for your second year you will have to re-enrol at the UvA yourself (see this UvA page).