Master of Logic / ILLC


Facilities Provided by the ILLC

Below you can find some of the facilities provided by the ILLC, exclusively to MoL students.

The MoL Room

The ILLC maintains a special room for the exclusive use of MSc Logic (and Logic Year) students. This room offers desk space, computing facilities, and other amenities.
In general four students help organising day-to-day matters of this room and represent the MoL student community concerning this room in contact with the MoL management.
If you have any suggestions for improvement or complaints about the room, please contact one of the present members of the MoL Room Committee.

MoL Guide: Whom Should I Contact?

Additional information is available in the booklet 'Whom Should I Contact?', originally written by a group of MoL students.

Student Mentors

Each year a small group of international students act as student mentors for the new students during their first months in Amsterdam and at the ILLC (not to be confused with the academic mentors).

  • Mentors 2004/05:
    Henrik Nordmark, Reut Tsarfaty
  • Mentors 2005/06:
    Edgar Andrade, Henrik Nordmark, Jacob Vosmaer
  • Mentors 2006/07:
    Petter Remen, Rachel Sterken, Henrik Nordmark
  • Mentors 2007/08:
    Henrik Nordmark, Olga Grigoriadou, Salvador Mascarenhas
  • Mentors 2008/09:
    Olga Grigoriadou, Inés Crespo, Ivano Ciardelli, Pablo Cubides
  • Mentors 2009/10:
    Jonathan Shaheen, Christian Geist, Kian Mintz-Woo, Viktoria Denisova
  • Mentors 2010/11:
    Gabriela Rino Nesin, Marta Sznajder, Johannes Marti, Bruno Jacinto
  • Mentors 2011/12:
    Paula Henk, Adil Kurji, Alexander Perrone, Riccardo Pinosio
  • Mentors 2012/13:
    Andreea Achimescu, Hans Bugge Grathwohl, Vlasta Sikimic, Sebastian Speitel
  • Mentors 2013/14:
    Johannes Emerich, Malvin Gattinger, Nadine Theiler, Francesca Zaffora Blando
  • Mentors 2014/15:
    Sarah Hiller, Frederik Lauridsen, Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval, Eileen Wagner
  • Mentors 2015/16:
    Christopher Badura, Sirin Botan, Almudena Colacito, Pablo Sierra Marquez
  • Mentors 2016/17:
    Lisa Benossi, Levin Hornischer, Esteban Landerreche Cardillo, Jonathan Sippel