The opleidingscommissie (OC) is a committee consisting of both staff and students that is responsible for the quality of teaching. The student members of the OC also form the MoL Room Committee.

The official secretary of the OC Logic is Leon Commandeur. The OC can be reached at

The main task of the OC is to ensure the quality of the Master of Logic (MoL). The OC advises the program director on various regulations and policy making inside the Master of Logic. Most of the work is spent on evaluating the individual courses as well as the MoL as a whole. Furthermore, there are working groups investigating various issues such as the 8-8-4 system or the recent developments at the FGW.

The OC meets regularly, at least 4 times a year. If you have any quality concerns regarding teaching, mentoring etc. in the MoL, feel free to contact the whole OC at or approach any OC member individually.


The examencommissie (Examinations Board) is responsible for all matters regarding examinations, including admissions and graduation.

External member:

All formal requests to the examencommissie should be emailed to Tanja Kassenaar at