Universiteit van Amsterdam


Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

16 December 2005, China Workshop at ILLC

Date: Friday 16 December 2005
Time: 14:00-
Location: Vakbondsmuseum De Burcht, Henri Polaklaan 9, 1018 CP Amsterdam (across
the entrance of Artis)

On December 16th, ILLC and the Institute for Logic and Cognition (ILC) of the Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou (China) will officially sign a cooperation agreement for the next five years.

In honor of this this occasion a minisymposium on 'Logic and Cognition' is held. You are all cordially invited to attend both the workshop and the ceremony. Both are held in vakbondsmuseum "de Burcht".

One of the speakers at the symposium will be Prof. Ju Shier, director of the Institute for Logic and Cognition. He is accompanied by Prof. Liang Qingyin, vice-president of Sun Yat Sen University. Both the dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Karel Gaemers, and the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Prof. Aafke Hulk will attend the ceremony.


14.00: Welcome
14.15: Introduction (Frank Veltman)
14.20: Johan van Benthem: 'Encounters, Discussions, and Games: origins of logic in interaction'
14.45: Ju Shier: 'Logic and Cognition from a Chinese perspective'

15.15 Tea

15.30: Henkjan Honing: 'Computational modeling of music cognition: a case study on model selection'
15.55: Fenrong Liu: 'LOGIC took me all the way to Amsterdam'
16.20: Michiel van Lambalgen: 'Logic in psychiatry'

16.45 Ceremony to sign the cooperation agreement.

17.15 Drinks