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Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

20 - 23 August 2019, Workshop on Mathematical Logic and Constructivity (MLoC 2019): The Scope and Limits of Neutral Constructivism, Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 20 - 23 August 2019
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Deadline: Friday 31 May 2019

This workshop aims to focus on the scope and limits of neutral constructivism. With Errett Bishop's seminal work Foundations of Constructive Analysis 1967, a neutral position in the foundations of constructive mathematics emerged. It avoided Brouwer's assumptions about choice-sequences and continuity, and it did not assume that every total function on the natural numbers is computable. Successful full-fledged formal logical foundations for neutral constructivism exists, among the most well-known are Aczel-Myhill set theory and Martin-Löf type theory. The study of neutral constructivism paves the way for further developments of interactive proof systems, which is of strategic importance for verification of software, and in particular, correctness-by-construction software.  Neutral constructive mathematics may also be studied for systems that make fewer ontological assumptions, which is important for reverse mathematics.

Proposals for contributed talks are welcome and are to be submitted via the EasyChair system.

For more information, see http://logic.math.su.se/mloc-2019/ or contact .