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Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

23 - 25 September 2019, Workshop on Ontology of Social, Legal and Economic Entities (SoLEE 2019), Graz, Austria

Date: 23 - 25 September 2019
Location: Graz, Austria
Deadline: Wednesday 15 May 2019

Understanding the ontological nature of social, legal and economic concepts and institutions is crucial for providing principled modelling in many important domains such as enterprise modelling, business processes, and social ontology. A significant number of fundamental concepts that are ubiquitous in economics, social, and legal sciences - such as value, risk, capability, good, service, exchange, transaction, competition, social norm, group, institution - have only recently been approached from a specifically ontological perspective. It is therefore important to offer a venue to gather the recent contributions to this topic.

This workshop is part of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO 2019), and relates mainly to two previous events (SoLE-BD and Ontology of Economics 2018).  The goals of the workshop are:
- to collect approaches to deal with social, legal and economic entities in foundational and applied ontologies,
- discuss applications of these approaches to social, legal and economic entities in ontologies for biomedicine and business informatics, and
- serve as a meeting point for stakeholders from applied ontology and the respective domain disciplines.

The workshop encourages submissions on both theoretical and methodological issues in the use of ontologies for modelling social, legal and economic concepts and institutions, as well as submissions on concrete use of ontologies in application for these domains. Papers should be between 5 and 10 pages long be formatted according to the IOS Press formatting guidelines.

For more information, see https://solee-2019.github.io/.