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6 - 9 April 2020, Zhejiang Conferences on Logics in AI (ZJULogAI 2020), Hangzhou, China

Date: 6 - 9 April 2020
Location: Hangzhou, China

The Zhejiang Conferences on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (ZjuLogAI 2020) is organized by the Zhejiang University - University of Luxembourg Joint Laboratory on AIs, Robotics and Reasoning (ZLAIRE). With its special focus theme on Explainable AI, the summit intends to promote the interplay between logical approaches and machine learning based approaches in order to make AI more transparent and accountable.

ZJULogAI consists of
- 5th Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic (AWPL 2020)
- 3rd International Conference on Logic and Argumentation (CLAR 2020)
- 6th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence (GCAI 2020)
ZjuLogAI will be accompanied by an AI and ART exhibition demonstrating the latest application of AI and robotics.
Keynotes (confirmed): Gabriella Pigozzi (Université Paris Dauphine) and Fei Wu (Zhejiang University)

For more information, see http://www.xixilogic.org/zjulogai/.