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Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

17 - 19 July 2020, 24th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (SemDial 2020 / WatchDial), Waltham MA, U.S.A.

Date: 17 - 19 July 2020
Location: Waltham MA, U.S.A.
Deadline: Monday 9 March 2020

WatchDial will be the 24th edition of the SemDial workshop series, which aims to bring together researchers working on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue in fields such as formal semantics and pragmatics, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. In 2020 the workshop will be hosted by the programs in Linguistics and in Computational Linguistics, in collaboration with the departments of Computer Science and Philosophy at Brandeis University, and will be collocated with the North American Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information.

We invite papers on all topics related to the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue, including, but not limited to: the dynamics of agents' information states in dialogue common ground/mutual belief goals, intentions and commitments in communication turn-taking and interaction control semantic/pragmatic interpretation in dialogue dialogue and discourse structure categorisation of dialogue phenomena in corpora child-adult interaction language learning through dialogue gesture, gaze, and intonational meaning in communication multimodal dialogue interpretation and reasoning in spoken dialogue systems dialogue management designing and evaluating dialogue systems

Note that SEMDIAL 2020 cannot accept work for publication or presentation that will be (or has been) published elsewhere.