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28-29 May 2008, ABCDmu-Calculus (AutoMathA Brainstorming and Cooperation Days on Mu-Calculus), Lausanne, Switzerland

Date: 28-29 May 2008
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

As a mathematical framework to reason about fixpoints in modal logic, the modal \mu-calculus constitutes a meta formal system for many logics used in computer science. It is indeed weaker than second order logics, but sustains enough expressibility for many applications, in particular in program synthesis and verification. It is strongly connected with the theory of automata, since modal \mu-calculus is in fact equivalent to alternating tree automata. Modal \mu-calculus forms a research field of considerable interest, because of the richness of its powerful, although simple, mathematical theory which establishes deep connections with logic, algebra, automata, and game theory.

If the connection with the theory of automata and games, has been intensively studied, many questions remain open. For instance the precise complexity - or even the understanding - of modal \mu-calculus formulas is in many cases a total mystery. Not to mention that most decidability questions related to alternating tree automata are unanswered yet. The aim of this scientific meeting is to bring together researchers from various countries and background to work together for 2 days on \mu-calculus and automata.

Registration deadline: May 20, 2008 Further information about ABCD on Mu-Calculus can be obtained at http://www2.unil.ch/logique/ABCDmu-calculus08/. E-mail enquiries about this mini-workshop should be directed to