Universiteit van Amsterdam


Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

19 - 21 April 2017, Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design (EvoMusArt 2017), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 19 - 21 April 2017
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Deadline: Tuesday 1 November 2016

The 6th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design (EvoMusArt) will be held in Amsterdam in 19-21 April 2017, as part of the evo* event. The main goal of EvoMusArt is to bring together researchers who are using Computational Intelligence techniques for artistic tasks such as visual art, music, architecture, video, digital games, poetry, or design. The conference gives researchers in the field the opportunity to promote, present and discuss ongoing work in the area.


We welcome submissions which use Computational Intelligence techniques (e.g. Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Life, Machine Learning, Swarm Intelligence) in the generation, analysis and interpretation of art, music, design, architecture and other artistic fields.  The deadline for submission is 1 November 2016, and acceptance notification on 9 January 2017.