Universiteit van Amsterdam


Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

CfP special issue of TPLP on "Parallel and Distributed Computation in (Constraint) Logic Programming"

Deadline: Tuesday 31 January 2017

Since its inception, logic programming has been recognized as an ideal paradigm for addressing the needs of parallel computing. After over 30 years of research in these domains, the state of the art has reached a stage where technologies are highly complex and sophisticated, and applications are plentiful. Yet, the continuous development of novel architectures, the appearance of new domains and potential applications, and the developments in novel logic programming languages and paradigms are creating new research opportunities and fueling new ideas and developments. The goal of this special issue is to provide a multi-fold perspective of research at the junction between parallel and distributed computation and (constraint) logic programming.

For more information, see http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~ffiorett/cfp/TPLP2017/ or contact Enrico Pontelli at .