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17 June 2017, "Magic in Science": Grzegorz Rozenberg's 75th Birthday, Turku, Finland

Date: Saturday 17 June 2017
Location: Turku, Finland

The symposium, co-located with CiE-2017, celebrates the 75th birthday of Prof. Grzegorz Rozenberg. Grzegorz Rozenberg is is often called the guru of Natural Computing, having started promoting it as a coherent scientific discipline already from the 1970s. He played a central role in the development of theoretical computer science in Europe. His research is very broad in scope and it is a prime example of interdisciplinary research.

The talks given at the symposium will have an overview character and together they will cover a broad range of topics reflecting Grzegorz Rozenberg's broad research interests. Among the topics covered are: P vs NP, stochastic search, natural computing, biologically-inspired models of computation, reaction systems, chemical reaction networks, membrane computing, graph isomorphism, graph polynomials, matroids, synthesis of concurrent systems, Petri nets, formal language theory and combinatorics on words, DNA rearrangements in ciliates, patterns in genomes, smart textiles, smart drones, magic squares, wonder cubes, and odor reproduction.

For more information, see http://combio.abo.fi/rozenberg75/ or contact .