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Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

16 - 20 June 2018, Workshop on "Logic, Probability, and their generalisations" at UNILOG 2018, Vichy, France

Date: 16 - 20 June 2018
Location: Vichy, France
Deadline: Wednesday 15 November 2017

Logic and Probability have a long partnership, having survived together as a legacy from Leibniz, Bernoulli, De Morgan, Boole, Bolzano, Peirce, Keynes, Carnap, Popper and several other contemporary thinkers. According to this tradition, the problem of generalizing logical consequence relations raises questions that transcends both logic and probability, as a consequence of modern logical pluralism. This also leads to a probability pluralism, represented by non-standard theories of probability (i.e., theories of probability based on non-classical logics) that open new avenues and pose new challenges to theory and to applications.

All such tendencies and areas of investigation are naturally generalized to possibility logics, necessity logics and other credal calculi that extend probability, considering that belief can be regarded as generalized probability or as evidence. This workshop intends to contribute to the state-of-the-art of such research topics, emphasizing the connections between all such topics.

Submitted manuscripts should not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. All manuscripts will be refereed through a peer-review process. Manuscripts should be submitted in agreement with the UNILOG'2018 guidelines.