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16 - 17 February 2018, Workshop on Ramsey Theory of Equations & Related Topics, Pisa, Italy

Date: 16 - 17 February 2018
Location: Pisa, Italy

In 2016 two long standing open problems in Ramsey Theory of equations and polynomial configurations have been solved: the Boolean Pythagorean triples problem and the partition regularity of the configuration {x,x+y,xy}. For this reason, problems regarding the partition regularity of nonlinear Diophantine equations and polynomial configurations are now in the spotlight of the mathematical community. An interesting feature of this topic is that several different non-elementary techniques, including ultrafilters, ergodic theory, nonstandard analysis, semigroup theory and topological dynamics, can be used to solve problems in this area. The aim of this Workshop is to present aspects of several of these different techniques, as well as to discuss many interesting related problems.

For more information, see https://ramseyequations.sciencesconf.org/ or contact Mauro Di Nasso at , or Lorenzo Luperi Baglini at .