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Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

22 June 2018, Workshop "Approaches to contradiction: old and new", Leeds, England

Date: Friday 22 June 2018
Location: Leeds, England

You are invited to a one day workshop on the logic of contradictions in Leeds on 22nd June. What follows from a contradiction: everything, something (but not everything), or nothing? What have philosophers and logicians thought historically? What are people saying now?

Speakers: Graham Priest (CUNY), Sara Uckelmann (Durham), Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Groningen) and Alex Douglas (St Andrews). Attendance is free and refreshments will be provided. However, you are asked to register on-line since places will be limited,

The day before the workshop, 21st June, there will be a student workshop introducing current themes in philosophical logic. Graham Priest and Berta Grimau will be speaking at this.