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2 - 7 July 2018, Summer School on the Foundations of Geometry in Historical Perspective, Leipzig, Germany

Date: 2 - 7 July 2018
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Deadline: Monday 2 April 2018

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig organizes a Summer School on the Foundations of Geometry in Historical Perspective. The School deals with a selection of topics in history of geometry, philosophy of geometry, and the history and the contemporary perspectives on the foundations of geometry. The School is open to PhD students writing a dissertation in any of the related field, as well as to Master Students in their final years who have a strong interest in the discipline, and post-doctoral researchers who have obtained their PhD since no more than five years and whose main field of research are the history and the foundations of geometry.

The six days of the School are dedicated to an intensive series of lectures and discussions on various aspects of the history of the foundations of geometry, given by leading experts in the field:    Andrew Arana (Université Pantheon-Sorbonne), Vincenzo De Risi (CNRS, Paris), Jeremy Gray (Open University, Milton Keynes), Gerhard Heinzmann (Archives Poincaré, Nancy), Jürgen Jost (MPI MiS, Leipzig), and Victor Pambuccian (Arizona State University, Phoenix).