Universiteit van Amsterdam

The Logically Speaking Podcast is live!

Location: ILLC, Amsterdam

The Logically Speaking podcast is a podcast mostly about logic-related topics. The first three episodes featuring MoL students Silvan Hungerbühler, Saul Fernandez, Robert Passman and Isa Steinecker are now available on itunes and other podcast distributeurs.

Host Max van den Broek invites academics to speak about interesting subjects. In episode #1 he speaks with Silvan Hungerbühler on machine learning and sports prediction. In episode #2 he discusses what's fun about mathematics with Saul Fernandez and Robert Passman. In episode #3 he speaks with Isa Steinecker about (cognitive) illusions.

For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/TheLogicallySpeakingPodcast/ or contact Max van den Broek at .