Universiteit van Amsterdam

ILLC team wins "Nieuwe Ideeën Prijs"

We are very proud to let you know that a team consisting of Leen Torenvliet, Sybren Stüvel (student) and Peter Blok (Head of FNWI Buildings) has won the prestigious Science Park Nieuwe Ideeën Prijs for their Digital Location System.

This location system can serve many purposes. For one thing, it can and will be used as a security system in buildings like Euclides. It is based on an idea of Leen which as the jury said is "as simple as it is brilliant", but about which we cannot say too much until the patent application is completed.

Suffice it to say that there is a lot of interest from outside to develop this system further and to bring it on the market.

The jury consisted of
- Prof. dr. W. Hoogland (former dean of FNWI), chair
- Drs. E.E.C. Hupkens van der Elst (VNU N.V.)
- B.J. Marttin, MBA (General Director Co~peratieve Rabobank Amsterdam en
- Dr. S.J. Noorda (Chairman Board of Governors Universiteit van Amsterdam)
- Dr. ir. G. van Oortmerssen (Director TNO Information en Communication
- Ir. A. Reuver (Former director IBM Nederland)
- Dr. A.W. Rijnders (Vice-president Research N.V. Organon)
- Drs. P. Scholten (Director UvA Holding B.V.)
- Dr. L.H. Wesdorp (Category VP R&D Dressings & New Vitality Platforms Unilever
Research & Development)
- Drs. J.H.J. Zegering Hadders, (Chair Board of Directors ING Nederland)

The jury nominated five projects. The final decision was taken June 20th, after a so-called elevator pitch.

See http://www.scienceparkamsterdam.org/ for more information.