Universiteit van Amsterdam

3 out of 6 ESSLLI prizes to ILLC students!

ILLC PhD and MoL students were very succesful in the 2006 ESSLLI Summer School. In the oral session Reut Tsarfaty won the first prize for her talk "The Interplay of Syntax and Morphology in Building Parsing Models for Modern Hebrew".
Michael Franke and Scott Grimm bith received third places; Michael in the oral session for his talk "Teological Necessity and Only" and Scott in the poster session for his poster "Subject Marking in Hindi/Urdu: A Study in Case and Agency" (based on his Master of Logic thesis).

The winner from both the poster as the oral session may choose 500 euros worth of Springer books.

For more information, see http://staff.science.uva.nl/~katrenko/stus06/prize.html