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Projects and Awards

  • Julian Schlöder wins Best Paper Award at the ESSLLI 2015 Student Session

    Julian Schlöder has received the Best Paper and Oral Presentation Award for his paper "A Formal Semantics of the Final Rise", presented at the Student Session held during ESSLLI 2015, which took place in Barcelona over the first two weeks of August. The paper offers a formal model formulated in the SDRT framework of how final rise intonation in English affects the discourse structure of a dialogue.

    For more information, visit Julian's webpage at

  • Benedikt Löwe was Secret Speaker at UNILOG 2015

    Benedikt Löwe was the Secret Speaker at UNILOG 2015 in Istanbul (27 June 2015). The World Congress on Universal Logic has a tradition that the only plenary lecture is given by a secret speaker whose identity is revealed at the talk. According to UNILOG, "previous secret speakers at UNILOG include Saul Kripke, Jaakko Hintikka, Grigori Mints and exclude Brigitte Bardot, Kurt Gödel, Arnold Schwarzenegger."

    For more information, please contact bloewe at
  • Best Student Paper Award at Cognitive Modelling and Computational Linguistics Workshop

    The paper "Centre Stage: How Social Network Position Shapes Linguistic Coordination", by Master of Logic student Bill Noble together with Raquel Fernandez, has received the Best Student Paper Award at the Cognitive Modelling and Computational Linguistics Workshop, part of the 2015 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL-2015) held in Denver, Colorado, last week. The paper has also been reviewed in the Wikimedia Research Newsletter of May 2015 (

    For more information, contact Raquel Fernandez at raquel.fernandez at

  • Roosmarijn Goldbach wins UvA Thesis Prize 2015

    During the University Day on Saturday, 6 June 2015, Master of Logic graduate Roosmarijn Goldbach was awarded the UvA Thesis Prize 2015 for the best Master's thesis defended at the University of Amsterdam over the past year. This distinction is conferred by a jury consisting of the deans of the seven faculties of the university and comes with a cash award of €3,000. Roosmarijn's thesis, entitled "Modelling Democratic Deliberation", brings together ideas from political philosophy, social choice theory, and modal logic. It was supervised by Alexandru Baltag and Ulle Endriss.

    The winning thesis is available at the MoL website at For further information, contact Ulle Endriss, director of the Master of Logic programme, at ulle.endriss at

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