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ILLC News and Events Submission Form

The form below allows you to submit material that you would like to be added to the News pages of the ILLC and MScLogic sites.

General remarks

  • Please note that these pages are moderated: your item will not immediately appear on the webpages.
  • English submissions are strongly preferred.
  • For minor updates to existing entries you can also email the news administrators directly.
  • Submissions to the ILLC website are also put on the ILLC News mailing list that is sent out every week to the ILLC community and interested parties.
  • Announcements for conference or workshop are sent out in a monthly ILLC Conference mailing. Unless they are actively sponsored by the ILLC, this is instead of the weekly mailings.
  • A news item will normally be included in the mailings 2-3 times: when announced, just before the CFP deadline (if any), and just before the date on which the event takes place (if any). If you want a newsitem to be re-announced in the mailings, do not re-submit it: instead, make a request to the news administrators that an exception be made.

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