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Job Vacancies at ILLC

  • Project assistant LogiCIC

    The ILLC is currently looking for a temporary, part-time Project assistant who will provide professional support for Sonja Smets’ ERC Project, LogiCIC.

    The LogiCIC project on 'The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change' currently consists of two PhD candidates, one postdoctoral researcher and the Principal investigator Sonja Smets. This team engages in theoretical research within the interdisciplinary area that connects logic, analytic philosophy, game theory and quantum information theory. In the framework of the LogiCIC project, the team organizes a local seminar series, several 1-day mini-workshops as well as a bigger annual international workshop. The team also hosts both short-term and long-term academic visitors in the framework of the project’s visitors’ programme. Via these events, the project’s team has built up an academic network of international researchers that are active in this area. The new Project assistant will support the team in its main organizational and communication tasks.

    The ideal candidate is a born organizer: a flexible, accurate, team-oriented person, capable of working independently, of quickly adjusting to changes of plan, with outstanding social and communicative skills. Requirements include an MA or MSc (subject open). The appointment is for 16 hours per week, and is on a temporary basis for a period of maximum 18 months, with an initial trial period of two months. Preferred starting date: 1 July 2015, but no later than 1 August 2015.

    Application deadline: 31 May 2015. For more information, see or contact Dr Sonja Smets at S.J.L.Smets at