Institute for Logic, Language and Computation


ILLC Publications, Historical Dissertation (HDS) Series

The ILLC 'Historical Dissertations' Series is a new initiative meant to make some dissertations available that are of historical, and partly also contemporary relevance to the ILLC, and that are not readily accessible elsewhere. The authors include ILLC members, but also colleagues from elsewhere. Naturally, there is no claim that these texts are 'ILLC dissertations'. We merely wish to help preserve and highlight these documents for a wider community.

Johan van Benthem Modal Correspondence Theory.
Originally published: February 1977 (Amsterdam)
1.Full Text, 2.Preamble, 3.Chapter-I1, 4.Chapter-I2, 5.Chapter-I3, 6.Chapter-I4, 7.Chapter-I5, 8.Chapter-I6, 9.Chapter-I7, 10.Chapter-II1, 11.Chapter-II2, 12.Chapter-II3, 13.Appendices, 14.Screen-resolution.
Dick de Jongh Investigations on the Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus.
Originally published: August 1968 (Wisconsin)
1.Full Text, 2.Preamble, 3.Chapter1, 4.Chapter2, 5.Chapter3, 6.Chapter4, 7.Chapter5, 8.Appendices.
Yde Venema Many-Dimensional Modal Logic.
Originally published: Januari 1992 (UvA)
1.Full Text, 2.Preamble, 3.Chapter1, 4.Chapter2, 5.Chapter3, 6.Chapter4, 7.Chapter5, 8.Chapter6, 9.Appendices.
Anne Troelstra Intuitionistic General Topology.
Originally published: Juni 1966 (UvA)
1.Full Text, 2.Samenvatting, 3.Preamble, 4.Prologue, 5.Chapter1, 6.Chapter2, 7.Chapter3, 8.Chapter4, 9.Stellingen.
Frank Veltman Logics for Conditionals.
Originally published: October 1985 (UvA)
1.Full Text, 2.Preamble, 3.Part1, 4.Part2, 5.Part3, 6.Appendices.
Wim Blok Varieties of Interior Algebras.
Originally published: November 1976 (UvA)
1.Full Text, 2.Preamble, 3.Chapter0, 4.Chapter1, 5.Chapter2, 6.Chapter3, 7.Obituary, 8.Appendices.