ILLC Publications, All Series, 1986

These reports are also available from the UvA/DARE server: the page corresponding to the listing below can be found here.

Coding for publications: Series-Year-Number, with DS = Dissertation Series; MoL = Master of Logic Thesis; PP = Prepublication Series (since 1999); X = Technical Notes; CL = Computational Linguistics (up to 1993); CT = Computation and Complexity Theory (up to 1998); LP = Logic, Philosophy and Linguistics (up to 1998); ML = Mathematical Logic and Foundations (up to 1998); ITLI = Instituut voor Taal, Logika en Informatie (up to 1987);

Johan van Benthem Logical Syntax.
1.Full Text.
Kenneth A. Bowen, Dick de Jongh Some Complete Logics for Branched Time, Part I: Well-founded Time, Forward looking Operators.
1.Full Text.
Reinhard Muskens A Relational Formulation of the Theory of Types.
1.Full Text.
Johan van Benthem Categorial Grammar and Lambda Calculus.
Peter van Emde Boas A Semantical Model for Integration and Modularization of Rules.
n.v.t. The Institute of Language, Logic and Information.
1.Full Text.

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