ILLC Publications, All Series, 1987

These reports are also available from the UvA/DARE server: the page corresponding to the listing below can be found here.

Coding for publications: Series-Year-Number, with DS = Dissertation Series; MoL = Master of Logic Thesis; PP = Prepublication Series (since 1999); X = Technical Notes; CL = Computational Linguistics (up to 1993); CT = Computation and Complexity Theory (up to 1998); LP = Logic, Philosophy and Linguistics (up to 1998); ML = Mathematical Logic and Foundations (up to 1998); ITLI = Instituut voor Taal, Logika en Informatie (up to 1987);

Herman Hendriks Type Change in Semantics: The Scope of Quantification and Coordination.
1.Full Text.
Renate Bartsch The Construction of Properties under Perspectives.
1.Full Text.
Johan van Benthem Categorial Grammar and Type Theory.
1.Full Text.
Eleonore Oversteegen Temporal Adverbials in the Two Track Theory of Time.
1.Full Text.
Víctor Sánchez Valencia Traditional Logicians and de Morgan's Example.
1.Full Text.
Johan van Benthem Categorical Grammar and Type Theory.
1.Full Text.
Jan Willem Klop, Roel de Vrijer Unique Normal Forms for Lambda Calculus with Surjective Pairing.
1.Full Text.
Renate Bartsch Frame Representations and Discourse Representations.
1.Full Text.
Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof Type shifting Rules and the Semantics of Interrogation.
1.Full Text.

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