The SemDial Workshops aim at bringing together researchers working on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue in fields such as formal semantics and pragmatics, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, psychology, and neural science.

SemDial is proud to endorse the open-access international journal Dialogue & Discourse.

SemDial 2016

goDIAL is now over -- many thanks to Christine Howes, Staffan Larsson, Ellen Breitholtz and Simon Dobnik for a great workshop! We are excited to announce that the next edition of SemDial will take place at Rutgers University (New Jersey), organised by Matthew Stone and collocated with NASSLLI in July 2016. The exact dates around the summer school are yet to be decided.

SemDial Proceedings

All SemDial proceedings have the following International Standard Serial Number:
ISSN 2308-2275 [serial title: Proceedings (SemDial)]

Previous Editions

  1. SemDial 2015 (goDIAL)
    Gothenburg, Sweden, 24-26 September 2015
  2. SemDial 2014 (DialWatt)
    Edinburgh, UK, 1-3 September 2014
  3. SemDial 2013 (DialDam)
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16-18 December 2013
  4. SemDial 2012 (SeineDial)
    Paris, France, 19-21 September 2012
  5. SemDial 2011 (Los Angelogue)
    Los Angeles, USA, 21-23 September 2011
  6. SemDial 2010 (PozDial)
    Poznań, Poland, 16-18 June 2010
  7. SemDial 2009 (DiaHolmia)
    Stockholm, Sweden, 24-26 June 2009
  8. SemDial 2008 (LONDIAL)
    London, England, 2-4 June 2008
  9. SemDial 2007 (DECALOG)
    Rovereto, Italy, 30 May - 1 June 2007
  10. SemDial 2006 (brandial)
    Potsdam, Germany, 11-13 September 2006
  11. SemDial 2005 (DIALOR)
    Nancy, France, 9-11 June 2005
  12. SemDial 2004 (CATALOG)
    Barcelona, Catalonia, 19-21 July 2004
  13. SemDial 2003 (DiaBruck)
    Saarbrücken, Germany, 4-6 September 2003
  14. SemDial 2002 (EDILOG)
    Edinburgh, Scotland, 4-6 September 2002
  15. SemDial 2001 (BI-DIALOG)
    Bielefeld, Germany, 14-16 June 2001
    Proceedings, bibdata
  16. SemDial 2000 (GÖTALOG)
    Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-17 June 2000
  17. SemDial 1999 (Amstelogue)
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7-9 May 1999
  18. SemDial 1998 (Twendial)
    Twente, The Netherlands, 13-15 May 1998
  19. SemDial 1997 (MunDial)
    Munich, Germany, 10-12 May 1997

SemDial Board Presidents

Raquel Fernández [raquel.fernandez AT uva DOT nl]
David Schlangen [david.schlangen AT uni-bielefeld DOT de]

SemDial Advisory Board

Ron Arstein (ICT, University of Southern California)
Robin Cooper (Göteborg University)
Raquel Fernández (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)
Jonathan Ginzburg (Université Paris-Diderot)
Anna Hjalmarsson (KTH, Stockholm)
Joris Hulstijn (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Colin Matheson (University of Edinburgh)
Massimo Poesio (University of Trento / Univ. of Essex)
Matthew Purver (Queen Mary University of London)
Hannes Rieser (University of Bielefeld)
David Schlangen (University of Bielefeld)
David Traum (ICT, University of Southern California)
Enric Vallduví (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Laure Vieu (IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier)
Andrzej Wiśniewski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)
Henk Zeevat (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)