About the ILLC

The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) is the leading research institute in the interdisciplinary area dealing with the investigation of information, information exchange, and cognition with formal and mathematical methods. It is deeply rooted in the Amsterdam logic research tradition dating back to the early twentieth century and covers the disciplines of mathematics, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and artificial intelligence with staff members from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam.

Since 1 September 2021, its management team consists of

Director: Prof.dr. Robert van Rooij
Vice-Director Research: Prof.dr. Benedikt Löwe
Vice-Director Teaching: Prof.dr. Khalil Sima`an
Director PhD programme: Dr. Floris Roelofsen
Institute manager: Peter van Ormondt

The ILLC is organised in six research units:

Contact details: see Contact and Directions.