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Joint Research Centre for Logic

The Joint Research Centre for Logic (JRC)  is a special collaborative partnership between Beijing-based Tsinghua University and the University of Amsterdam, ILLC. Officially opened in September 2013, the JRC provides an institutional framework for furthering close cooperation between staff members in research and training in logic, including its applications in philosophy, computer science, linguistics, cognitive science and other relevant disciplines. The mission of the Joint Research Centre is to foster collaborative research, joint training and education, and other scholarly activities of its members that contribute to the study of logic in a broad sense.


Paris, Amsterdam, and London host a lively group of young researchers working at the interface of logic, language, and theories of rationality. PALLMYR brings them together. PALLMYR is a series of yearly meetings taking place alternatively in Amsterdam, Paris, and London. At each PALLMYR meeting, visitors give talks about their current research interests, each presentation being commented by a fellow researcher from the host town.