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16 - 18 July 2004, LOFT: Logic and the Foundations of the Theory of Games and Decisions, Leipzig, Germany

Date: 16 - 18 July 2004
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Deadline: 31 March 2004


Giacomo BONANNO (University of California Davis,U.S.A.)
Wiebe van der HOEK (University of Liverpool, U.K.)
Pierfrancesco LA MURA (Handelshochschule, Leipzig, Germany)
Arnis VILKS (Handelshochschule, Leipzig, Germany)


This is the sixth in a series of conferences on the applications of logical methods to foundational issues in the theory of individual and interactive decision-making. The previous five conferences took place at CIRM (Marseille, France) in January 1994 and at ICER (Torino, Italy) in December 1996, December 1998, July 2000 and July 2002.

The aim of the LOFT conferences is to promote exchange across different disciplines. Preference is given to papers which bring together the work and problems of several fields, such as game and decision theory, logic, computer science and artificial intelligence, philosophy, cognitive psychology, mathematics and mind sciences. Among the topics of particular relevance are:

  • Modal logic: epistemic and deontic logic, multi-agent logic, temporal logic, dynamic logic, probabilistic and multi-valued logic, logic of belief revision.
  • Foundations of game and decision theory: epistemic foundations of solution concepts, information processing and communication in games, belief formation and revision in games.
  • Learning and information-processing models: economic aspects of information processing, learning in game-theoretic contexts, inductive learning and inductive decision making.
  • Bounded rationality approaches to game and decision theory.


The three-day conference will include 6 invited lectures and 15 contributed papers. Potential contributors should send an extended abstract of approximately 3 pages in electronic format (pdf, dvi, MS Word or text), indicating "LOFT6 submission" in the Subject field, to: , by March 31, 2004.

For more information, including the complete programs of the last five conferences, see the conference website at

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.