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14-18 June 2010, School in Formal Epistemology, Aberdeen, Scotland

Date: 14-18 June 2010
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

The goal of our school is to bring people up to speed on certain areas of formal epistemology (listed below). We hope to bring those attending up to the point where they have a sense of the cutting edge of the subjects being covered, and understand outstanding issues and problems that researchers hope to address in the future. Our target audience will be philosophers who have a background in logic, but not necessarily in formal epistemology. We particularly welcome the attendance of graduate students.

Here are our speakers, and the subjects they will cover:

Alexandru Baltag (Oxford) and Sonja Smets (Groningen), 4 lectures on Belief revision theory and dynamic epistemic logic.

Stephan Hartmann (Tilburg), 3 lectures on Bayesian networks in epistemology and the philosophy of science.

Hannes Leitgeb and Richard Pettigrew (Bristol), 4 lectures on Non-pragmatic vindications of probabilism and of diachronic norms.

Jonathan Weisberg (Toronto), 3 lectures on Upper and lower probabilities, Dempster-Shafer functions, John Pollock's system for defeasible reasoning.

Cost Registration for the 5 day event will be £100 for students, and £195 for non-students. That covers attendance in the school, as well as lunches and morning tea and coffee. There will be one dinner, which costs an additional £30. We are attempting to secure discounted hotel rates for registered participants.

Registration We want to maintain a small group, and so must limit the number of attendees. As a result, we cannot guarantee that everyone who would like to attend will be able to.

We ask that you submit a letter of interest to us by April 30. We ask that graduate students also submit a letter of support from their supervisor or someone in their home department. We will inform you of whether you will be able to attend by May 15. Both letters should be e-mailed to .

Any questions you have should be directed to the two organizers, Dylan Dodd () and Luca Moretti ().

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.