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24 - 25 October 2022, Workshop "Connections between Epistemic Logic and Topology" (CELT2022), Haifa, Israel

Date: 24 - 25 October 2022
Location: Haifa, Israel
Deadline: Monday 14 February 2022

The link between epistemic logic and topology has its roots, on the one hand, in the topological semantics of modal logic, and on the other hand, in the intimate relations between topology and concurrency, and between topology and distributed computing. Recent years have witnessed an explosion of new work in this area, from the development of more expressive logics capable of capturing fine topological structure, to the leveraging of topological tools to represent concepts such as observations, questions, and dependence relations, and encoding deep connections with distributed computing. The richness of this area has spawned a thriving, interdisciplinary research program with applications in learning theory, network epistemology, public and private communication, inquisitive semantics, philosophy of science, and knowledge representation in distributed computing, among others.

This workshop aims at bringing together scholars working on various ways of connecting logic and topology to showcase a variety of recent developments and applications in the area, and to foster new research collaborations.

We invite submissions for presentations. To apply, please submit an extended abstract of up to 3 pages (excluding bibliography) in PDF format. Abstracts should be submitted via EasyChair at

Abstract submission deadline: February 14th, 2022.