Minor Logic and Computation / Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

Kurt Gödel (1906-1978)

'"Either mathematics is too big for the human mind, or the human mind is more than a machine."

Gödel is one of the greatest logicians of all time. Famous for his completeness and his incompleteness theorems. Also well known is his proof of the consistency of the axiom of choice with the Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms of set theory.'

As the science of truth and reasoning, logic provides the building blocks for accurate analytic thinking and computational modelling. By combining the techniques and arguments used in the humanities and the exact sciences, logic has established itself as a unique interdisciplinary field that plays a central role in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, computer science, mathematics, philosophy and cognitive science.

The minor Logic and Computation will offer students broad insight into all these areas by putting together a well-chosen package of logic-related courses from different bachelor programmes of the University of Amsterdam. These include:

  • Bachelor Wiskunde (BSc Mathematics)
  • Bachelor Filosofie (BA Philosophy)
  • Bachelor Informatica (BSc Computer science)
  • Bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie (BSc AI)
  • Bachelor Cognition, Language and Communication (BSc CLC)

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