Universiteit van Amsterdam


Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

4 September 2017, Workshop on Recent Advances in Concurrency & Logic (RADICAL 2017), Berlin, Germany

Date: Monday 4 September 2017
Location: Berlin, Germany
Deadline: Friday 30 June 2017

RADICAL is a new workshop aligned within the intersection between concurrency and logic, broadly construed.

Recently, the interplay of concurrency and logic with areas/applications has received much attention, as witnessed by recent CONCUR editions. These areas/applications have become increasingly consolidated, and start to have profound impact in neighbouring communities. As an unfortunate side effect, however, the important unifying role that concurrency plays in all of them seems hard to find in a single scientific event.  RADICAL intends to fill a gap between CONCUR researchers that now also typically publish and interact in other different venues; it also aims at attracting researchers from neighbouring communities whose work naturally intersects with CONCUR.

Since we would like to recover the informal character of scientific workshops, rather than regular paper submissions, we invite submissions describing talk proposals on the intersection of logic and concurrency. Submissions based on already published works should include explicit references/links as appropriate. It is understood that for each accepted submission one of the co-authors will attend the workshop and give the talk.