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Projects and Awards

  • 20 - 21 November 2019, The Lindström Lectures, Johan van Benthem

    Speaker: Johan van Benthem
    Title: The Lindström Lectures 2019
    Date & Time: 20 - 21 November 2019, 19:00
    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

    The Lindström Lectures is an annual lecture hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg celebrating the singular achievements of Pelle Lindström (1936-2009). Each year, a distinguished logician is invited to deliver a general lecture to the public, and a specialised presentation at the logic seminar.

    We are proud to announce that the 2019 Lindström Lectures will be delivered by Johan van Benthem. This year the lectures will form part of the conference Circularity in Syntax and Semantics <http://www.cse.chalmers.se/~bahafs/CiSS2019/>.

  • Taichi Uemura receives best student paper award at Conference on Homotopy Type Theory

    At the Conference on Homotopy Type Theory which took place last August in Pittsburgh, Taichi Uemura won the Best Student Paper Award for his work on the semantics of type theory.

    For more information, see https://hott.github.io/HoTT-2019/programme/ or contact Taichi Uemura at .
  • Benedikt Löwe becomes Membre Titulaire of the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences

    At the General Assembly of the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences (AIPS) on 14 August 2019 in Prague, Benedikt Löwe was elected to be a Membre Titulaire of the Academy (he had been a corresponding member since 2018).

  • Benedikt Löwe re-elected as Secretary General of DLMPST/IUHPST

    At the General Assembly of the Division for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (DLMPST/IUHPST) on 8 August 2019 in Prague, Benedikt Löwe was re-elected to serve as Secretary General of the Division for another term of four years (2020-2023).

  • Jaap Kamps receives a Facebook Research Award and an NWO Takeoff grant

    We are happy to announce that Jaap Kamps receives a Facebook research award for the project entitled Sparse Latent Representations for Efficient NLP and an NWO Take off grant for the project entitled Less is More: Efficient Neural Models without Loss of Effectiveness.

    For more information, contact Jaap Kamps at .
  • Reinhard Muskens and Robert van Rooij receive NWO Open Competition grant

    The ILLC is very happy to announce that both Robert van Rooij and Reinhard Muskens have been awarded with an NWO Open Competition grant. Reinhard will carry his project out at ILLC.

  • 3 VENI awards for ILLC members

    The ILLC is very pleased that three ILLC researchers have been awarded a VENI grant 2019:

    * Yorgos Amanatidis: Fair Division in Dynamic Environments with Social Structure

    * Ronald de Haan: Algorithms for Sophisticated Voting Procedures

    * Chris Majenz: Taming Quantum Adversaries.

    Chris, now a postdoc at ILLC on Christian Schaffner's Vidi), will carry out his VENI at CWI.