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Daniel Wiechmann and Elma Kerz win "best paper award" at EUROPHRAS 2017

Daniel Wiechman and Elma Kerz win best paper award at EUROPHRAS 2017 for their paper "Individual Differences in L2 Processing of Multi-word Phrases: Effects of Working Memory and Personality".

EUROPHRAS is the international conference on Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology. The conference focusses on interdisciplinary approaches to phraseology and includes topics like: corpus-based, psycholinguistic and cognitive approaches to the study of phraseology, the computational treatment of multi-word expressions, and practical applications in translation, lexicography and language learning , teaching and assessment.

For more information, see http://rgcl.wlv.ac.uk/europhras2017/ or contact Daniel Wiechmann at .