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Postdoctoral position on dependently typed lambda encodings, Iowa City IA (U.S.A.)

Deadline: Wednesday 4 January 2017

A while back, I advertised for a postdoc working with me on dependently typed lambda encodings in our new interactive theorem prover Cedille, written in Agda. I have not yet filled the position, and so I am writing to advertise once again, with some further details:

-- I have funds to hire a postdoc (actually two), or if the applicant already has done a postdoc, a research scientist

-- salaries for both levels of position are very good: you will live very well here in Iowa City. I can also pay for some relocation costs including travel here

-- the position is intended to support your research career. Sometimes such positions come with a lot of duties or obligations to further a specific project. While the position here is associated with a project, there are almost no such obligations. You will have maximal flexibility to pursue your existing research directions, as well as develop new ones with me

-- I warmly invite applications from researchers working in Europe. Our group, the Computational Logic Center of U. Iowa, run by myself, Cesare Tinelli, and our new colleague Omar Chowdhury (formal methods for security) has many connections with European groups, including a number of current postdocs trained in Europe

-- Iowa City is a very cosmopolitan college town, consistently rated one of the best small cities to live in in the US

I am also very interested in supporting visiting doctoral students. This could be especially interesting for students from outside the US. Would you like to spend 3 months, 6 months, or one year working and studying in the US? This would be a very nice opportunity for that.

If you think you might be interested, please drop me a line initially, before you put together some more official application. For the postdoc and research scientist position, I would eventually like a CV, a short description of your research interests, and the names of two references. For the visiting student position, in the end I would like a short note from your advisor. But to start off, please just email me and let me know you are thinking about it. I'd be happy to talk more in detail about the project and life here.

Thanks, and hoping to hear from some of you or your students,


Aaron Stump Professor Computer Science The University of Iowa

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.