News and Events: MoL and PhD defenses

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Headlines MoL and PhD defenses

MoL and PhD defenses

  • 29 April 2021, Master of Logic defense, Giovanni Varricchione

    Date & Time: Thursday 29 April 2021, 14:00
    Title: Complexity of Locally Fair Allocations on Graphs
    Location: Online (closed session)
    Supervisor: Ronald de Haan
  • thesis.jpg

    30 April 2021, PhD Defense, Cian Guilfoyle Chartier

    Date & Time: Friday 30 April 2021, 10:00
    Title: A Pragmatic Defense of Logical Pluralism
    Location: Online
    Promotor: Frank Veltman
    Copromotor: Sonja Smets

    The thesis characterises logic as a formal presentation of a guide to undertaking a rational practice, a guide which is itself constituted by epistemic norms and their consequences. There in general may be more than one "good" presentation, more than one "good" practice, and more than one way to conceive of the practice. This is a pragmatic conception of logical pluralism we call thoroughgoing logical pluralism. The thesis consists in a defence of thoroughgoing logical pluralism, and a case for how such a characterisation of logic is helpful in addressing problems in logical revision, semantic paradoxes, and the incommensurability of logical theories.

    For more information, see or contact Cian Guilfoyle Chartier at .