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Projects and Awards

  • (New) Alexandru Baltag, Nick Bezhanishvili and David Fernandez-Duque win Ray Reiter Best Paper Award

    We are pleased to announce that Alexandru Baltag, Nick Bezhanishvili and David Fernandez-Duque win Ray Reiter Best Paper Award for their paper entitled The Topology of Sur-
    prise at International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2022).
    For more information, see or contact Alexandru Baltag at .
  • Ronald de Wolf and his co-authors received the prestigious ACM STOC 10-year Test of Time Award

    On 23 June 2022, CWI researcher Ronald de Wolf and his co-authors received the prestigious ACM STOC 10-year Test of Time Award during the ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC), one of the most important conferences in theoretical computer science. Samuel Fiorini, Serge Massar, Sebastian Pokutta, Hans Raj Tiwary and Ronald de Wolf were given the award for their article ‘Linear vs. semidefinite extended formulations: exponential separation and strong lower bounds’, originally published at STOC 2012. One of its main conclusions was that a particular attempt to solve the famous travelling salesman problem cannot possibly work.

  • oliviero.png

    Oliviero Nardi wins UvA Thesis Prize 2022

    We are proud to report that Oliviero Nardi's MSc AI thesis received the UvA Thesis Prize 2022, recognising the best Master's thesis defended at the University of Amsterdam over the past year (his thesis is one of two winners declared this year). Oliviero previously won the award for the best Master's thesis defended at the Faculty of Science.

    Oliviero's thesis is entitled "A Graph-Based Algorithm for the Automated Justification of Collective Decisions" and was supervised by Arthur Boixel and Ulle Endriss at the ILLC. The thesis makes a contribution to the field of computational social choice. It deals with the difficult but important challenge of using computers to improve the transparency of group decision making. It does so by developing an efficient algorithm to automatically generate explanations for why taking a given decision is "the right thing to do", given the preferences of the people affected together with certain basic normative principles.

    Oliviero's thesis is available at For further information, read the announcement at or contact Ulle Endriss at .

  • Winners of the VvL Master's Thesis Prize 2022

    The Dutch Association for Logic (VvL) is happy to announce the winners of the VvL Master’s Thesis Prize 2022! Any master’s thesis with a topic in logic or philosophy of the exact sciences written as part of a master’s program at a Dutch university in 2021 was eligible for the prize. The master’s thesis prize committee was delighted with the high quality of rigor and thought that all nominated theses displayed. Without further ado, here are this year’s winners:

    1. Anna Dmitrieva (UvA, supervised by Nick Bezhanishvili & Tommaso Moraschini). Thesis title: Positive Modal Logic Beyond Distributivity: Duality, Preservation and Completeness.

    2. Maximilian Siemers (UvA, supervised by Aybüke Özgün). Thesis title: Hyperintensional Logics for Evidence, Knowledge and Belief.

    3. Dominik Wehr (UvA, supervised by Bahareh Afshari). Thesis title: An Abstract Framework for the Analysis of Cyclic Derivations.

    We congratulate this year’s winners, and we encourage colleagues from universities all throughout the Netherlands to consider nominating their students for the prize next year.

  • Gewaardeerd-beeldmerk.svg

    KNAW Gewaardeerd! programma

    KNAW's Gewaardeerd! stimuleert en verbindt wetenschappers die werk maken van wetenschapscommunicate. Gewaardeerd! wordt uitgevoerd door de KNAW met steun van het ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW) en loopt tot oktober 2022.

    [English: KNAW's Rewarded! supports and connects scientists who communicate about science. Rewarded! is implemented by the KNAW and was made possible by the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The project Rewarded! runs until October 2022.]

    For more information, see or contact Henkjan Honing at .
  • Large NWA grant for research into the social impact of quantum secure cryptography

    The arrival of quantum computers will have major societal consequences, especially in the field of cybersecurity. A new consortium led by Sebastian De Haro of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation and the Institute of Physics of the University of Amsterdam has received a grant of over 900,000 euros from NWO's Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (National Science Agenda, NWA) to study the impact of this transition and to help manage it.