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These pages provide information about recent developments at or relevant to the ILLC. Please let us know if you have material that you would like to be added to the news pages, by using the online submission form. For minor updates to existing entries you can also email the news administrators directly. English submissions strongly preferred.

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Upcoming Events

  • (New) 29 May 2018, Colloquium on Mathematical Logic, Jetze Zoethout

    Speaker: Jetze Zoethout
    Title: Provability Logic and the Completeness Principle
    Date & Time: Tuesday 29 May 2018, 15:30-17:00
    Location: Room 007, Drift 6, Utrecht
  • 31 May - 2 June 2018, Colloquium on Reasoning in Social Context, Amsterdam

    Date: 31 May - 2 June 2018
    Location: Trippenhuis Building, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam
    Deadline: Tuesday 1 May 2018

    This colloquium addresses the design and use of models to represent the beliefs and knowledge of agents as well as changes in the beliefs and knowledge of social communities.

    The colloquium unites researchers who use a variety of formal tools to study the process of belief formation, belief revision and knowledge updating in social communities. We focus on multi-agent scenarios centered around topics such as belief merge, social-epistemic influence, group knowledge, and belief-polarisation.

    Our approach will be interdisciplinary in nature and brings together insights originating from Logic, Game Theory, Belief Revision Theory, Formal Epistemology, Social Science, Network Theory, Cognitive Science and AI.

    For more information, see https://sites.google.com/site/reasoningcolloquium/ or contact Sonja Smets at .
  • (New) 1 June 2018, Lecture in Philosophy of Science, Edouard Machery

    Speaker: Edouard Machery
    Title: The P<0.05 Controversy
    Date & Time: Friday 1 June 2018, 10:30-11:30
    Location: Department of Philosophy - Faculty room, Oude Turfmarkt 141-143, 1012 GC Amsterdam

    In Benjamin et al. (2017) we proposed to cut the significance level by an order of magnitude in order to address some aspects of the replication crisis in psychology and other sciences. This paper has been widely discussed, often in a critical manner. In this talk, I will respond to some of the responses to our proposal.

    Please note that registration is required.

  • (New) 1 June 2018, Workshop on Philosophy within its Proper Bounds (OUP, 2017)

    Date & Time: Friday 1 June 2018, 13:30-17:30
    Location: Faculty room, Department of Philosophy, Oude Turfmarkt 141-143, Amsterdam
    Target audience: ILLC members

    13.30-13.45: Presentation of the book by Edouard Machery
    13.45-14.30: Peter Hawke (UvA) and Tom Schoonen (UvA)
    14.30-15.15: Benedikt Löwe (UvA)
    15.15-15.45: Coffee break
    15.45-16.30: Catarina Dutilh Novaes (VU)
    16.30-17.15: Manuel Gustavo Isaac (UvA)

    Please note that registration is required.

  • 6 June 2018, Amsterdam Metaphysics Seminar, Katrin Schulz

    Speaker: Katrin Schulz
    Title: Generics and Causality
    Date & Time: Wednesday 6 June 2018, 14:00-15:00
    Location: Room C1.05, Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Amsterdam
  • (New) 6 June 2018, Algebra|Coalgebra Seminar, Jouke Witteveen

    Speaker: Jouke Witteveen
    Date & Time: Wednesday 6 June 2018, 16:00-17:00
    Location: Room F1.15, ILLC, Science Park 107, Amsterdam
    For more information, see http://events.illc.uva.nl/alg-coalg or contact Frederik Lauridsen at .
  • (New) 7 June 2018, Logic and Interactive Rationality (LIRa), Carlo Proietti

    Speaker: Carlo Proietti
    Date & Time: Thursday 7 June 2018, 16:00-17:30
    Location: ILLC Seminar Room F1.15, Science Park 107, Amsterdam
  • 11 June 2018, Computational Social Choice Seminar, Michael Morreau

    Speaker: Michael Morreau (Tromsø)
    Title: Give me your biased, your unschooled, your ignorant masses, ...
    Date & Time: Monday 11 June 2018, 16:00
    Location: Room F3.20, Science Park 107, Amsterdam
    For more information, see here or at https://staff.science.uva.nl/u.endriss/seminar/ or contact Zoi Terzopoulou at .
  • 12 June 2018, Workshop "New Directions in Reasoning about Belief and Knowledge"

    Date & Time: Tuesday 12 June 2018, 09:30-16:30
    Location: Amsterdam

    Workshop held on the occasion of the two PhD defenses by Malvin Gattinger and Chenwei Shi.

  • (New) 14 June 2018, Workshop on algebra and duality in non-classical logic

    Date & Time: Thursday 14 June 2018, 10:00-18:00
    Location: KdVI Seminar Room F3.20, Science Park 107, Amsterdam

    The workshop precedes Julia Ilin's PhD defense (June 15, 12h, Agnietenkapel). We will hear talks by the committee members and other experts from the field. The theme of the workshop is the application of universal algebra and topological dualities in the study of non-classical logics.

    For more information, see https://algebradualitylogic.wordpress.com/ or contact Nick Bezhanishvili at , or Julia Ilin at .
  • 14 June 2018, DIP Colloquium, Michael Glanzberg

    Speaker: Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University)
    Date & Time: Thursday 14 June 2018, 16:00-17:30
    Location: ILLC Seminar Room F1.15, Science Park 107, Amsterdam
  • 14 June 2018, Spinoza Lectures, Susan Wolf

    Speaker: Susan Wolf
    Title: Selves Like Us
    Date & Time: Thursday 14 June 2018, 20:15-22:00
    Location: Aula, Oude Lutherse kerk, Singel 411, Amsterdam

    Since at least the seventeenth century, philosophers have distinguished membership in the species homo sapiens from moral personhood, a category which they take to be of considerable ethical and practical significance. But there are other non-biological features that are of ethical and practical significance as well, suggesting that there is an ethical, non-biological conception of humanity that is different from the standard philosophical understanding of moral personhood. After reflecting on the benefits and dangers of focusing attention on the idea of “the distinctively human,” the lecture explores the variety of features and capacities that distinguish “selves like us” from lower animals, artificially intelligent machines, and possibly imaginary divine and extra-terrestrial rational individuals.

  • 19 June 2018, Applied logic seminar, Hiroakira Ono

    Speaker: Hiroakira Ono
    Title: Semantical considerations on cut elimination and analytic cut property
    Date & Time: Tuesday 19 June 2018, 13:00-15:30
    Location: TBM-Instructiezaal B, building 31, TU Delft, Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX, Delft
    For more information, see http://www.appliedlogictudelft.nl/applied-logic-seminar/ or contact Apostolos Tzimoulis at .
  • 19 June 2018, Computational Linguistics Seminar, Dong Nguyen

    Speaker: Dong Nguyen (Turing Institute)
    Title: NLP for the social sciences: opportunities and challenges
    Date & Time: Tuesday 19 June 2018, 16:00
    Location: Room F1.15, Science Park 107, Amsterdam



    For more information, see http://projects.illc.uva.nl/LaCo/CLS/.
  • 21 June 2018, Workshop ERC Starting and Consolidator Grant

    Date: Thursday 21 June 2018

    Researchers who are planning to write an application for an ERC Starting or Consolidator grant can benefit from the grant workshop that is organised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. This one-day workshop is given entirely in English and takes place in the centre of Utrecht. There are 3 dates in 2018: 21 June, 30 August 2018 and 15 November 2018.

  • 22 June 2018, Dutch Social Choice Colloquium

    Date & Time: Friday 22 June 2018, 13:30-17:40
    Location: Doelenzaal, University Library, Singel 425, Amsterdam

    Speakers: Nicolas Maudet (Paris), Daniele Porello (Bolzano), Baharak Rastegari (Bristol), and Zoi Terzopoulou (Amsterdam).

  • 22 June 2018, Institute of Physics/Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena, Jeremy Butterfield

    Speaker: Jeremy Butterfield (Trinity College, Cambridge)
    Title: DIEP Seminar by Jeremy Butterfield: On Dualities and Equivalences Between Physical Theories
    Date & Time: Friday 22 June 2018, 16:00-17:15
    Location: Science Park 904, G4.15

    Jeremy Butterfield is a distinguished philosopher of physics and a senior research fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. He works on philosophical aspects of emergence and will be visiting DIEP from the 20th-23rd of June 2018. As part of his stay he will be giving a talk on dualities and its relation to emergence.

    Attendance is free, but please e-mail if you plan to attend.

    For more information, see https://www.d-iep.org/visitors or contact Sebastian De Haro at .
  • 28 June 2018, Talent Scheme Information Meeting (Veni, Vidi, Vici)

    Date: Thursday 28 June 2018
    Location: NWO, Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 300, 2593 CE The Hague, The Netherlands

    NWO organises information meetings for researchers who want to apply for a Veni, Vidi of Vici grant. Practical information is given and selection committee members, NWO secretaries and researchers who have already acquired a Veni, Vidi or Vici share their experiences during a question and answer session. The next meeting will be held on 28 June 2018. Registration is now open!

  • 29 June 2018, ABC Colloquium

    Speaker: Annual ABC Conference
    Title: ABC Networking Day: Connecting ABC treasures
    Date & Time: Friday 29 June 2018, 13:00-22:00
    Location: De Brakke Grond, Nes 45, Amsterdam

    As organizers of this year’s ABC Day we want to provide you with the opportunity to discover all research treasures that ABC is hiding, and build bridges to connect the involved researchers. This format is radically different form the former ‘Brain Day’, as the majority of the audience were typically students from the ABC Summer School. This time, especially researchers (PhDs, post-docs, assistant/associate/full professors) are invited to attend and actively participate.

    The day will consist of four elements:
    - ABC Mission Statement
    - Department highlights
    - Pitch talks
    - Drinks and bites

  • 2 - 6 July 2018, Workshop "Algebraic Proof Theory for Social Behaviour"

    Date & Time: 2 - 6 July 2018, 10:00-17:00
    Location: Delft University of Technology

    The major trend in modern logic is the move from logic to logics. The need for formal modelling of reasoning in various fields of science (philosophy, linguistics, AI, cognitive, social and management sciences) led to the design of hundreds of bespoke logics. For instance, the focus on multi-agent interaction and social behaviour has led to the introduction of logics specific to contexts involving e.g. dynamic changes, uncertainty, incomplete and inconsistent information, which are at odds with reasoning as is formalized in classical logic. This rapid expansion has generated the need to develop overarching theories capable to provide uniform proofs of fundamental properties--such as soundness, completeness, analiticity, decidability--for each member of vast families of logics, while at the same time accounting in a modular way for the specific features of each.

    Algebraic proof theory is a research area in which these general results can be achieved using insights from algebraic logic, universal algebra, duality and representation theory for classes of algebras.

    This workshop aims at bring together researchers in algebraic proof theory and its applications, explore promising research directions, and foster collaborations.

  • 6 July 2018, ILLC Midsummernight Colloquium 2018

    Date & Time: Friday 6 July 2018, 16:00-17:30
    Location: Room F1.21, ILLC, Science Park 107, Amsterdam

    The ILLC Colloquium is a half-yearly festive event (either the New Year's Colloquium, the Midsummernight Colloquium or the Midwinter Colloquium) that brings together the three research groups at the ILLC. Each colloquium consists of three main talks by representatives from the Logic and Language group, the Language and Computation group and the Logic and Computation group, which are occasionally followed by Wild Idea Talks. The colloquium is concluded by a get together of the entire ILLC community.

    For more information, see http://www.illc.uva.nl/ILLCColloquium/.
  • 13 - 14 July 2018, Workshop "Mathematics & Its Philosophy between the 18th and the 19th century", Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Date: 13 - 14 July 2018
    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Deadline: Monday 7 May 2018

    The e-Ideas Group at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands is pleased to announce its first workshop, taking place in dates 13-14th July 2018 in Amsterdam.

    The aim of the workshop will be to foster discussion on the development of mathematics and related themes in philosophy in the German speaking context during the 19th century.

    Confirmed keynote speakers: Paola Basso (University of Bucharest, Romania), Paola Cantù (Université Aix-Marseille, France), Jeremy Heis (University of California, Irvine, U.S.A.) and James Tappenden (University of Michigan, U.S.A.).

    For more information, see https://philmathsbolzano.wordpress.com/ or contact .
  • 6 - 17 August 2018, 30th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2018), Sofia, Bulgaria

    Date: 6 - 17 August 2018
    Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
    Deadline: Sunday 25 June 2017

    The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is an annual event under the auspices of the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI) and brings together logicians, linguists, computer scientists, and philosophers to study language, logic, and information, and their interconnections. ESSLLIs attract around 500 participants from all over the world.

    For more information, see http://esslli2018.folli.info/ or contact .
  • 22 - 26 August 2018, Second SYSMICS Summer School, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

    Date: 22 - 26 August 2018
    Location: Les Diablerets, Switzerland
    Target audience: Master's and PhD students
    Costs: CHF 652 (single room) / CHF 556 (shared double room)
    Deadline: Monday 30 April 2018

    The second summer school for the EU RISE project SYSMICS (Syntax meets Semantics - Methods, Interactions, and Connections in Substructural Logics) will take place 22-26 August 2018 at Hotel Les Sources in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. This school will precede two logic conferences taking place in Bern the following week: Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees (LATD) 2018 and Advances in Modal Logic (AiML) 2018.

    Tutorials will be given each morning by Peter Jipsen (Chapman University), David J. Pym (University College London), and Alexandra Silva (University College London), and in the early evening there will be lectures by Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam), Laura Kovács (Vienna University of technology), and Fred Wehrung (University of Caen). Since places for the school are limited, we ask students to register online via the webpage before 30 April 2018.

    For more information, see https://mathsites.unibe.ch/sysmics/ or contact Nick Bezhanishvili and George Metcalfe at .
  • 23 - 25 August 2018, KNAW Academy Colloquium "Generalised Baire Spaces", Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Date: 23 - 25 August 2018
    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The study of generalised Baire spaces has developed into a research area in its own right with a rich overarching theory, internally motivated open questions (cf. Khomskii, Laguzzi, Loewe, Sharankou 2016) and an active research community, combining methods and techniques from several branches of set theory as well as classical model theory. While many concepts from the classical setting can be transferred to generalised Baire space and some classical results remain true at uncountable cardinals, in general the rich combinatorial nature of uncountable cardinals causes the theory of the corresponding spaces to differ significantly, e.g., notions which are equivalent in the classical setting can lead to different notions in the generalised theory. Phenomena like this shed light on structures and properties otherwise hidden in the classical setting.

    This Academy Colloquium is a reunion of the research community after a hiatus of two years. The Colloquium will be preceded by an associated KNAW Master Class for postgraduate students in order to prepare them for the talks at the Colloquium.

    For more information, see http://events.illc.uva.nl/KNAW2018/.
  • 9 November 2018, DIP Colloquium, Ofra Magidor

    Speaker: Ofra Magidor (Oxford)
    Date & Time: Friday 9 November 2018, 16:00-17:30
    Location: ILLC seminar room F1.15
  • 23 November 2018, DIP Colloquium, Catarina Dutilh Novaes

    Speaker: Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Vrije Universiteit)
    Date & Time: Friday 23 November 2018, 16:00-17:30
    Location: ILLC Seminar Room F1.15, Science Park 107, Amsterdam
  • 5 - 16 August 2019, 31st European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2019), Riga, Latvia

    Date: 5 - 16 August 2019
    Location: Riga, Latvia
    Deadline: Friday 15 June 2018

    The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is an annual event under the auspices of the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI) and brings together logicians, linguists, computer scientists, and philosophers to study language, logic, and information, and their interconnections.

    For more information, see http://esslli2019.folli.info/ or contact .
  • 16 - 19 September 2019, Thirteenth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation, Georgia

    Date: 16 - 19 September 2019
    Location: Georgia

    The Symposium series is organized by the Tbilisi State University and the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) of the University of Amsterdam in conjunction with the Institute of Linguistics and Information Science of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. There have been ten instalments of this series of biannual Symposia. The preceding meetings took place in the Georgian mountain resort Gudauri (1995), at the capital of Georgia Tbilisi (1997), in the Black see coastal resort Chakvi (1999), in the spa resort Likani situated in the Borjomi Canyon (2001), Tbilisi (2003), Batumi (2005), Tbilisi (2007), Bakuriani (2009), Kutaisi (2011), Gudauri (2013), Tbilisi (2015) and Lagodekhi (2017).

    For more information, see http://events.illc.uva.nl/Tbilisi/ or contact Peter van Ormondt at .

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