Communication Commission

Logo of the Communication Commission

As researchers, showcasing our work and results is an integral aspect of our profession. We have numerous opportunities to do so, from seminars and conference talks to poster presentations. However, the question remains: are we truly connecting with our audience?

At the ILLC, we are committed to helping you to ensure that your research is well-understood and efficiently fosters connections. To facilitate this, we have established the Communication Commission, dedicated to equipping you with the tools necessary to become a more effective communicator.

Discover our intiatives:

  • Join our Team of Volunteers

    The communication commission relies on its volunteers. We are seeking volunteers to levering our initiatives. The more impactful this project becomes. Becoming a volunteer simply involves notifying us of your willingness to participate; however, you will always keep the choice of whether to join a specific session or not.

    For instance, you can volunteer to help out with the communication sessions. Each session requires just 30 minutes – 10 minutes for reviewing the materials provided by the initiator and 20 minutes for the session itself. This modest time investment yields significant rewards, providing you insights into diverse presentation styles, effective strategies, and valuable lessons for your own projects.

    Furthermore, the commission is dedicated to hosting brief training sessions, equipping volunteers with communication techniques applicable not only to your role here but also to your own work.

    Join us as a volunteer by dropping an email at comcom-illc at


    Current volunteers are: Marcel Vélez Vásquez, Alina Leidinger, Erman Acar, Malvin Gattinger, Marco Degano, Pablo Rivas Robledo and Ulle Endriss.

  • Members of the Commission

    If you wish not only to leverage this initiative but also contribute to its structure and trajectory, you can join the commission.

    With many members, we can organize exciting projects for the whole community, including personalized researcher training, enjoyable social activities that improve communication skills, chances to connect with communication experts, expanding communication efforts to other events, and any other communication activity you have in mind.

    Drop us an email at comcom-illc at if you want to join!


    Current members of the commission are:

    • Julian Chingoma;
    • Ronald de Haan;
    • Daira Pinto Prieto;
    • Simon Rey;
    • with the assistance of Anya Farennikova.