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Headlines ILLC Events this week


  • (New) MacGillavry Fellowship, Assistant Professor Neuro-symbolic Integration for AI

    Deadline: Thursday 30 November 2023

    We are seeking to hire a new colleague at the Assistant Professor level who will develop an ambitious new line of research in the area of neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence (AI), with particular emphasis on natural language processing  or related fields. We look forward to applications from excellent female candidates whose research programme brings together approaches from symbolic reasoning, knowledge representation or cognitive modelling with the recent advances in machine learning. The ILLC is home to world-leading research groups in logic and formal semantics, machine learning and natural language processing. An ideal candidate for this position would strengthen the link between the current research in neural natural language processing, language technology and symbolic AI, conducted by these groups.

  • (New) MacGillavry Fellowship: Tenure Track Assistant Professor AI for Social Good

    Deadline: Thursday 30 November 2023

    We are seeking to hire a new colleague at the Assistant Professor level who would like to develop an ambitious new line of research in the area of AI for Social Good. This new colleague will be making fundamental contributions to AI that are driven by some of the big societal questions of our time. Relevant domains of application include but are not limited to sustainability and climate change, digital democracy and the fair distribution of societal resources, public health and well-being, and quality education and accessibility. Developing such a line of research likely will require expertise not only in Computer Science and AI but also in a field concerned with understanding and modelling human behaviour at either the individual or the collective level, such as psychology, cognitive science, behavioural economics, or game theory.

  • Postdoc in Sign Language Acquisition

    Deadline: Tuesday 10 October 2023

    In this collaborative project between the University of Amsterdam and educational technology provider Prowise Learn, we will create a digital learning environment for Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) and make it available to more than 300.000 children in the Netherlands, contributing to increased familiarity with NGT in Dutch society. This will also create a unique opportunity to investigate how children learn a visual language like NGT. Our digital learning environment will yield extensive language acquisition data, which will allow us to address fundamental questions in sign language linguistics and its acquisition. Thus, the project is expected to have substantial scientific and societal impact.

  • Senior Management-assistent

    Deadline: Saturday 30 September 2023

    Het Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), een interdisciplinair onderzoeksinstituut van de Faculteiten FGw en FNWI, is op zoek naar een gedreven en enthousiaste professional om ons team van het bedrijfsbureau te versterken. Ben jij klaar voor een uitdagende positie waarin je kunt floreren in een unieke, interfacultaire en internationale omgeving? Als je goed kunt samenwerken en een passie hebt voor dynamiek, dan is deze positie wellicht perfect voor jou!

    For more information, see here or at or contact Peter van Ormondt at .
  • PhD Candidate in Data-Driven History and Philosophy of Science

    Deadline: Friday 29 September 2023

    Are you looking for a challenging position in a dynamic setting? The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation currently has a vacant PhD position as part of the 'Open Competitie' Project Counting the Bees - A Data-Driven Investigation Into Early Modern British Thought, funded by NWO and led by principal investigator Arianna Betti at the Concepts in Motion lab. The ILLC is one of the five Research Schools within the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research.

ILLC Events this week

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    (Updated) 29 September 2023, ILLC Autumn Colloquium 2023 & Current Affaris Meeting

    Date & Time: Friday 29 September 2023, 15:15-17:30
    Location: Science Park 107, ILLC Common Room

    The ILLC Colloquium is a festive event that brings together the six research units at the ILLC. Each colloquium consists of two or three talks by representatives from different units, sometimes followed by Wild Idea Talks.

    The ILLC colloquium is preceded by the Current Affairs Meeting.

    The purpose of the Current Affairs Meeting is to inform you about issues that are currently of importance in the ILLC and/or the Master of Logic programme. We will also use this opportunity to welcome new members of staff and to provide you with an update about upcoming and other plans.

    For more information, see or contact Peter van Ormondt / Malvin Gattinger at .
  • (Updated) 4 October 2023, LLAMA seminar, Stefan Zetzsche

    Date & Time: Wednesday 4 October 2023, 16:00-17:00
    Speaker: Stefan Zetzsche (Amazon Web Services)
    Title: The Dafny Programming Language and Static Verifier
    Location: ILLC seminar room F1.15, Science Park 107, Amsterdam / online
    For more information, see or contact Tobias Kappé at .
  • (Updated) 6 October 2023, DIP Colloquium, Natasha Korotkova

    Date & Time: Friday 6 October 2023, 16:00-17:30
    Speaker: Natasha Korotkova (Utrecht)
    Title: Conversational dynamics of Russian questions with "razve" and the typology of question bias
    Location: ILLC seminar room F1.15, Science Park 107, Amsterdam
  • (New) 6 October 2023, "J.L. Austin: Philosopher and D-Day Intelligence Officer" , Mark Rowe

    Date & Time: Friday 6 October 2023, 17:30-18:30
    Speaker: Mark Rowe
    Location: Spui25, Amsterdam

    On behalf of the Philosophy Department at VU and the English Literature Department at UvA, in collaboration with the venue Spui25, we cordially invite all of our interested colleagues and students to an evening with Dr. Mark Rowe, who has just published the first full-length biography of the celebrated ordinary-language philosopher, J.L. Austin. The book reveals the true complexity of Austin's character and the full range and significance of his achievements, including his lesser-known role in planning the D-Day landings. The biography has received stellar reviews, including the most recent one by Thomas Nagel in the London Review of Books.