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Headlines Open positions at ILLC

Headlines Open positions, general

Open positions at ILLC

Open positions, general

  • Assistant Professor in Logic, Automata, and Game Theory in Computer Science, Munich (Germany)

    Deadline: Tuesday 4 June 2024

    The Technical University of Munich (TUM) invites applications for the position of Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Logic, Automata, and Game Theory in Computer Science, to begin as soon as possible. The position is a W2 fixed-term (6 year) tenure-track professorship with the possibility for promotion to a tenured W3 position.

    The responsibilities include research and teaching as well as the promotion of early-career scientists. We seek to appoint an expert in the research area of Logic, Automata, and Games with applications to Formal Verification, Automatic Synthesis, Automated Reasoning or Learning. Teaching responsibilities include Basic courses in the Professional Profile 'Informatics', in particular Theoretical Computer Science, at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

  • Doctoral student in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Örebro (Sweden)

    Deadline: Friday 31 May 2024

    Örebro University is offering a Ph.D. position to a highly-motivated student who wants to investigate how AI systems can proactively acquire new knowledge and new abilities. The position is fully funded for a period of four years.The student will develop theories and methods to allow the AI system to decide which knowledge or abilities it should learn, when, and how. As part of this problem, the AI system must be able to perform anticipatory reasoning, and to reason about its own knowledge and abilities as well as the knowledge and abilities of others. Note that this project investigates the high-level question of how an AI system can autonomously decide to initiate a learning process, but it does not aim at studying specific mechanisms for machine learning.

    Applicants should have demonstrated knowledge in AI, specifically in: knowledge representation, planning and decision-making, or multi-agent systems. Experience with robotic systems, human-machine interaction, machine learning or neuro-symbolic approaches are desirable. The ability to work in multi-disciplinary projects and good programming skills are a plus. Expected employment start date is September 2024.

  • LMU_Muenchen_Logo2.png

    PhD position in epistemology of machine learning (3y), Munich (Germany)

    Deadline: Wednesday 1 May 2024

    The Emmy Noether junior research group "From Bias to Knowledge: The Epistemology of Machine Learning," led by Dr. Tom Sterkenburg, does work in the philosophical foundations of machine learning. The group's main aim is to improve our understanding of inductive bias, by building bridges between the philosophy of science and the mathematical theory of machine learning. The group is embedded within the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) at LMU Munich.

    We are looking for a PhD candidate with an excellent master's degree in philosophy, logic, computer science, or related areas. You have a background and strong interest in the philosophy of artificial intelligence and/or philosophy of science, and ideally affinity with the mathematics and epistemology of machine learning. The deadline for applications is 1 May 2024, and the intended starting date is 1 October 2024.

  • PhD Position on the Logic and Philosophy of Informational Content, Utrecht (the Netherlands)

    Deadline: Wednesday 1 May 2024

    A funded PhD position is available at Utrecht University as part of a research project on the Logic and Philosophy of Informational Content. The successful candidate will complete their PhD thesis in Utrecht on a topic that is closely connected to the project themes. The position will be supervised by Colin Caret and Michael De.

    The position is expected to start on 1 October 2024.
    The application deadline is 1 May 2024.
    The applicant must have a (research) Master’s degree with a strong background in philosophy and logic, especially the fundamentals of modal logic. A complete application includes a cv, cover letter, contact information for referees, and a writing sample (max 10.000 words).

  • 2y Postdoc in Proof Theory, Birmingham (UK)

    Deadline: Tuesday 30 April 2024

    The University of Birmingham has a world leading group in theoretical computer science, covering proof theory, mathematical foundations, type theory, category theory and complexity theory. The group has been steadily growing and now includes over 40 members (including permanents, postdocs, phd students).

    Candidates should have a background related to the themes of the group. Expertise in some/any of the following areas would be particularly helpful: Proof Theory, Type Theory and Proof Assistants (e.g. Coq, Agda, Lean), Mathematical Logic, and/or Automata Theory.

  • Visiting assistant professor position in semantics, New York (U.S.A.)

    The Department of Linguistics at New York University invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor (non-tenure track) in the area of semantics. This is a one-year teaching position with a course load of 4 courses per year at the graduate and the undergraduate level (2 courses each). The appointment will begin on September 1, 2024, subject to budgetary and administrative approval.

    For more information, see or contact Chris Barker at .