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Headlines Open positions at ILLC

Headlines Open positions, general

Open positions at ILLC

  • (New) PhD in Logic, Language and Computation

    Deadline: Sunday 13 June 2021

    Are you interested in interdisciplinary research and would you like to work in an interdisciplinary research institute? The ILLC is looking for an excellent PhD candidate who is interested in conducting research in an area within the ILLC that fits naturally in the Faculty of Science.

    What are you going to do

    You are expected:

    to complete and defend a PhD thesis within the official appointment duration of four years; to give regular presentations of intermediate research results at international workshops and conferences, and publish them in proceedings and journals; to collaborate with researchers in other relevant sections of ILLC; to participate in the organization of research activities and events at ILLC, such as conferences, workshops and joint publications.

  • (New) Tenure Track Assistant professor in Responsible Artificial Intelligence

    Deadline: Sunday 6 June 2021

    The field of Artificial Intelligence is blossoming, with many technical advances in natural language processing, music processing, automated reasoning and other fields, often based on big data and machine learning. Increasingly, these techniques are also finding their way to applications used by companies, institutions and citizens, and hence they are having a direct impact on society. With increased power and frequent usage comes extra responsibility: are technical advances sufficiently informed by real needs in society? Are they accompanied by safeguards regarding malicious use? Are they offering the transparency needed to inform stakeholders about decisions based on these systems?

    We are looking for an ambitious researcher, deeply familiar with the technical details of current AI systems but also seriously committed to improving their responsible use, for instance by improving transparency and explainability and/or by addressing undesirable biases and irresponsible use. You will work together with the strong group of Artificial Intelligence researchers at the ILLC, and more broadly at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), including through the University’s Research Priority Area Human(e) AI.

  • (New) Vacature Instituutsmanager

    Deadline: Friday 4 June 2021

    Ben je op zoek naar een afwisselende en verantwoordelijke functie in een dynamische en internationale werkomgeving? Ben je procesmatig sterk en heb jij ervaring met financieel management en acquisitie en beheer van (wetenschappelijke) onderzoeksprojecten? Heb jij affiniteit met personele aangelegenheden? Sta je stevig in je schoenen en heb je goed ontwikkelde communicatieve vaardigheden? Voor het interfacultaire Institute for Logic, Language and Computation zoeken wij een instituutsmanager.

    Wat ga je doen

    Het betreft een brede functie waarin je de wetenschappelijk directeur adviseert en proactief meedenkt bij het strategisch en operationeel instituutsbeleid. Je maakt een vertaalslag van beleid naar uitvoering en draagt zorg voor een efficiënte en effectieve organisatie van de bedrijfsvoering binnen het instituut op o.a. financieel, personeel en facilitair gebied. De instituutsmanager is tevens lid van het managementteam en de rechterhand van de directeur en vormt daarmee een spil van het instituut.

  • Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Language and Cognition

    Deadline: Tuesday 1 June 2021
    The Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities is looking for an Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Language and Cognition. You will provide education in a dynamic context with ample opportunities for the development of innovative teaching methods. You have a proven track record of teaching in theoretical philosophy in particular in philosophy of cognition, philosophy of language and logic. You have demonstrable experience with teaching at both BA and MA level, including teaching to diverse student groups from different disciplines.
  • Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Science

    Deadline: Tuesday 1 June 2021

    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Philosophy are seeking to hire an Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Science.

  • Assistant Professor in New Media & Information

    Deadline: Sunday 9 May 2021

    The Department of Media Studies is looking for an Assistant Professor in New Media & Information.

    You are an active researcher and have a strong research expertise in the use of computational and digital methods for Media Studies, focusing on social media and digital culture including e.g. the spread of (mis)information and social media manipulation/influence. Your research will be part of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), which together with the different research schools of the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research represents UvA’s research in the Humanities. The position will be embedded within the Department of Media Studies.

  • Assistant Professor Computational Humanities

    Deadline: Sunday 9 May 2021

    The field of Computational Humanities (CH) is blossoming, with progress being made in all humanities and social science disciplines. Thanks to the increasing availability of digital data and advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the humanities are rapidly transforming. On the one hand, computational approaches are being applied to both long-standing as well as novel questions in the humanities; on the other hand, CH contributions are finding their way to society at large. Areas of interest include understanding human activities on social and online media, including (fake) news and other information flows; explainable and interpretable AI; digital archiving; fairness, accountability and transparency in online communication and other societal processes. The focus of this position will be on Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications related to CH, with a methodological scope spanning text mining, information retrieval and machine learning.

Open positions, general

  • PhD student position on explaining the meaning of logical formulas, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

    Deadline: Friday 4 June 2021

    The Natural Language Processing group at Utrecht University's Information and Computing Sciences department is looking for a junior researcher who wants to take up a PhD position to develop algorithms for explaining the meaning of logical formulas in ordinary language. This four-year position comprises 85-90% research time and 10-15% teaching time, thus presenting an excellent opportunity to develop an academic profile as a researcher and teacher.

    The idea is to investigate computational techniques for optimising logical formulas and "translating" these into NL text, and to empirically evaluate the clarity and usefulness of the resulting text. The totality of the above research programme comprises aspects of computational logic, natural language generation, and experimental psychology. Since few people master all relevant research areas, the precise focus of this PhD project will be chosen in discussion with the successful candidate. The choice of logical formalism is still open; options include First Order Predicate Logic and formalisms of Formal Argumentation. The choice of natural language is likewise still open; options include English, Dutch, and Chinese, which are all studied in the department. The supervisory team will include Kees van Deemter (of Utrecht University) and Jordi Levy (of CSIC's Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Barcelona). The PhDship will include three secondmends, two at the Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Barcelona, and one at ARRIA NLG Limited in Aberdeen.

    For more information, see or contact Kees van Deemter at .
  • PhD student position on formal models of group deliberations, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

    Deadline: Tuesday 1 June 2021

    The ENCODE project seeks to study existing formal models of deliberation and develop new ones, in order to get a better understanding of the complex interactions that take place when people exchange their arguments and revise their position. The emphasis will be on philosophical logic, but we will also consider agent-based models of deliberation and decision-theoretic accounts.

    The PhD candidate will be jointly supervised by Dr. Frederik Van De Putte and Prof. Dr. Jack Vromen. The candidate's primary responsibility will be to conduct research and write a PhD thesis. The candidate should also contribute to the ENCODE Project in other ways, such as by giving scholarly presentations and co-organizing reading groups and workshops. Furthermore, the PhD candidate will become part of a large and diverse community of PhD candidates, and is expected to contribute as a junior lecturer to the Erasmus School of Philosophy's (ESPhil) educational programme. The position preferably starts on September 1st , 2021, but the very latest on December 1st, 2021 and lasts for a maximum of four years.

  • (New) PhD position in Logic and AI in Norway

    Deadline: Tuesday 1 June 2021

    We are looking for a PhD student to join the Logic and AI group at the University of Bergen in Norway. The research topic is determined by the student in cooperation with the future supervisor. The position is fully payed and comes with a separate yearly travel budget.

  • Tenure track position in computer science (Logic group), Prague (Czech Republic)

    Deadline: Monday 31 May 2021

    The Institute of Computer Sciences of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ICS), Prague, Czech Republic, invites applications for a tenure-track position in areas fitting and/or expanding its current research focus. We especially encourage applicants working in fields related to the interests of the ICS Logic Group which focuses on * modal logics * coalgebraic logics * substructural logics * mathematical fuzzy logic * (abstract) algebraic logic * dynamic and non-monotonic logics * relevant and paraconsistent logics.

  • Postdoctoral fellowship in logic, Prague (Czech Republic)

    Deadline: Monday 31 May 2021

    The Institute of Computer Sciences of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ICS), Prague, Czech Republic, offers fellowships for outstanding and enthusiastic junior researchers, PhD holders, in areas fitting its current research focus. We especially encourage applicants working in fields related to the interests of the ICS Logic Group which focuses on * modal logics * coalgebraic logics * substructural logics * mathematical fuzzy logic * (abstract) algebraic logic * dynamic and non-monotonic logics * relevant and paraconsistent logics.

    For more information, see
  • (New) PhD position in *Collective Decision Making in Social Networks*, Groningen (the Netherlands)

    Deadline: Monday 24 May 2021

    The Multi-Agent Systems Group of the AI Department of the University of Groningen is offering a full-time 4 year PhD position in *Collective Decision Making in Social Networks*.

  • Deep Learning Postdoc position available

    Deadline: Monday 17 May 2021

    A full-time deep learning postdoctoral position is available at the newly founded research group ‘Language Evolution and Adaptation in Diverse Situations’ (LEADS), led by Dr. Limor Raviv, at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

    The successful applicant will develop a novel deep learning model that is strongly grounded in existing experimental/behavioral paradigms. Candidates should have proven experience with deep learning models (i.e., working with artificial neural networks, such as CNN, RNN/LSTM/transformer, and/or reinforcement learning).

  • Assistant or Associate Professorship in Discrete Maths, Algorithms, or Logic-Based AI, Kungens Lyngby (Denmark)

    Deadline: Saturday 15 May 2021

    At the Section for Algorithms, Logic and Graph theory (AlgoLoG) at DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, we are looking for our next Assistant or Associate Professor within Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms or Logic-based Artificial Intelligence.  We do research in algorithms, logic and graph theory, and how to apply these within artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, human-robot interaction, efficient software for large data sets and more.

  • PhD and Postdoc positions in modeling natural language resoning, Warsaw (Poland)

    Deadline: Saturday 15 May 2021

    We are looking for a PhD student and postdoc to help us develop hybrid models (logic + machine learning) of natural language reasoning.

    The team will be based in the Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Regular research visits to Amsterdam are a part of the plan.

    For more information, see:

    For more information, contact Maciej Malicki at .
  • Two postdoctoral positions in responsible AI, Umea (Sweden)

    Deadline: Saturday 15 May 2021

    There are two postdoc positions open now in the Research group ResponsibleAI@UMU. Both are 2-year fulltime positions.

    Postdoc 1: research on the formal verification of Automated Decision-making systems (background on theoretical AI/CS required):

    Postdoc 2: Research on Democracy, Participation and Artificial Intelligence (background on participatory design required):

    For more information, contact .
  • PhD position in Multiagent Systems, Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

    Deadline: Saturday 15 May 2021

    The Department of Computer Science at Utrecht University has two related PhD positions on Multi-Agent Systems, one on "Causality in Multi-agent Systems: learning and verification" and the other on "Rational Verification and Synthesis in Multi-Agent Systems".

  • Postdoctoral position in Set Theory (30m), Bristol (England)

    Deadline: Thursday 13 May 2021

    The University of Bristol seeks outstanding candidates for a Research Associate in Set Theory, position tenable from 31st August 2021 (fixed start date) for a duration of maximum 30 months. The successful candidate will become a member of the Institute for Pure Mathematics within the School of Mathematics in Bristol, and will work with Philip Welch.

    This research position requires the minimum expertise of a candidate with a completed PhD in Set Theory to conduct investigations in problems associated with Welch?s EPSRC funded research grant "Graphs on Generalized Baire Spaces." There has been a surge of interest in recent years on extending the descriptive set theory of Baire space to spaces of the form kappa^kappa for kappa a regular cardinal. The main focus of the project is on the interaction of descriptive set theoretic notions at this analogous level, Inner Model Theory, infinitary game theoretic methods and forcing axioms. Accordingly candidates will be expected to have particular expertise in one or more of these areas.

  • Postdoctoral position in foundations of autonomous multi-agent systems, Warsaw (Poland)

    We are looking to hire a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland). We offer participation in an exciting EU project assuring collaboration and potential co-authorship with six leading European ML/MAS/AI labs.

    Employment: full time, 36 months, competitive salary, flexible research environment and working hours. Requirements: PhD in Computer Science, with either a Machine Learning background and willingness to learn the foundations of Autonomous Multi-agent Systems, or the other way around. The ideal candidate will have the following skills/abilities: Autonomy, ability to self-learn, good analytical background, ability and interest to work in team projects, ability to meet deadlines, good English communication skills (written and spoken).

    For more information, see or contact Stan Matwin at , or Wojtek Jamroga at .