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Headlines Open positions at ILLC

Headlines Open positions, general

Open positions at ILLC

Open positions, general

  • Postdoctoral position on reasoning about interfacing & communication (2y), London (England)

    Deadline: Sunday 19 December 2021

    We are advertising an approximately two-year position for a postdoctoral researcher based in London on the IRIS project ( at Queen Mary.

    IRIS is an EPSRC programme grant led by UCL and with academic partners Imperial and LSE as well as Queen Mary, and whose industrial partners are Amazon AWS, BT, Facebook, GridPP, HP Labs, and Methods Group.

    This position is at the theoretical end of the project. If appointed your role on the project would be to work on the logical and mathematical framework of the techniques being used. The job would suit someone well-versed in logic and possibly category theory.

    For more information, see or contact Prof Edmund Robinson at .
  • Twenty PhD student positions in Logics for CS, Wien (Austria)

    Deadline: Tuesday 30 November 2021

    The novel interdisciplinary Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND doctoral training programme "LogiCS@TUWien - Logics for Computer Science", co-funded by the European Commission, will offer 20 full-time PhD positions. The program is hosted by TU Wien, one of the most successful technical universities in Europe and the largest one in Austria. The doctoral positions are open to international high-potential early-stage researchers, working on Logical Methods in Computer Science and their applications, including: Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Verification, Algorithms, Security, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

    The programme provides a 4-year long doctoral training for international PhD candidates within an English-language curriculum. LogiCS@TUWien will run for 60 months and foresees the recruitment of 20 PhD candidates. The PhD candidates will be supervised by Ezio Bartocci, Pavol Cerny. Agata Ciabattoni. Thomas Eiter, Robert Ganian, Laura Kovács, Matteo Maffei, Magdalena Ortiz, Stefan Szeider, Georg Weissenbacher, Stefan Woltran and Florian Zuleger.

    For more information, see or contact .
  • Three PhD positions in Logic, Proof Theory and Coalgebra (Groningen)

    Deadline: Tuesday 30 November 2021

    We invite excellent PhD candidates to join us at the Fundamental Computing group, Bernoulli Institute for Maths, CS and AI, University of Groningen.

    Three fully-funded 4-year PhD positions in logic, proof theory, and coalgebra are available supervised by Revantha Ramanayake and/or Helle Hvid Hansen.

    For more information, see here or contact Helle Hvid Hansen at , or Revantha Ramanayake at .
  • Postdoctoral position (3y) and PhD student position in symbolic algorithms, Bergen (Norway)

    Deadline: Sunday 14 November 2021

    Symbolic algorithms are algorithms where the input data is represented implicitly. Such algorithms are particularly relevant in contexts where the data to be processed is too large to be specified in an explicit form. The Algorithms Group at the University of Bergen (Norway) has currently two open positions in the field of symbolic algorithms. These positions are financed by the project "Symbolic Algorithms: A Parameterized Approach", a 12 Million NOK research project funded by the Research Council of Norway under the Ground Breaking Research framework.

    Postdoc Position - 3-year position with an initial salary of 535,500 NOK per year (approx 52,500 EUR per year) before taxes. Ph.D. Position - 3-year position, with the possibility of a fourth year, if teaching is involved. Initial salary: 491,200 NOK per year (approx 48,000 EUR per year) before taxes. Applicants for the Ph.D. student position should have a master's degree (or obtain a master's degree before 31/01/2022) and a strong background in a related subfield of theoretical computer science. Applicants for the Postdoc position should have in addition, a Ph.D. degree (or obtain a Ph.D. degree before 31/01/2022) and a strong publication record in some related subfield of theoretical computer science.

  • logo_UMK_pion_EN_CMYK.jpg

    Post-doc position in "Logico-philosophical foundations of geometry and topology", Toruń (Poland)

    Deadline: Wednesday 10 November 2021

    Dr. Rafał Gruszczyńskihas a job offer for a young post-doc (up to 7 years after Ph.D.) within the scientific project "Logico-philosophical foundations of geometry and topology" at NCU Toruń, Poland. The position is for 36 months, starting on the 1st January 2022. Good conditions, full support for conferences and research stays.

    For more information, see or contact Rafał Gruszczyński at .
  • (New) Postdoctoral Fellowships & Senior Research Fellowships in Philosophy (Global Priorities), Oxford (England)

    Deadline: Wednesday 10 November 2021

    The Global Priorities Institute <> (GPI) at the University of Oxford - part of the Faculty of Philosophy - is currently advertising four-year postdoc positions (Postdoctoral Fellowships and Senior Research Fellowships) in Philosophy.

    The central focus of GPI is what we call 'global priorities research', which centres on the question 'What should we do with a given unit of resources if our aim is to do the most good?' We are particularly interested in hiring specialists in moral philosophy and/or decision theory. For current graduate students, postdocs at GPI are a great way to launch an academic career. Team-based and individual research on global priorities topics is combined with substantial freedom to pursue one's own unrelated projects, there is plenty of funding for infrastructure and travel, and the Institute takes support for career development very seriously. GPI is as yet too young to have an established placement record, but we confidently expect GPI postdocs to go on to tenure-track positions in the very best research universities.

  • PhD student position in the philosophy of mathematical practice, Aarhus (Denmark)

    Deadline: Monday 1 November 2021

    We are looking for a PhD student in the philosophy of mathematical practice. The position is devoted to philosophical and/or historical analyses of the practice of mathematics. Projects that focus on topics related to the contemporary mathematical practice are especially encouraged. Projects within the topics of visual thinking in mathematics, applications of mathematics, and mathematical structuralism will be preferred. We ask that candidates submit a project description (three pages) together with the formal application.

    We look for candidates that hold a Master's degree and have a strong background in mathematics. Some experience in the history or philosophy (of mathematics) is desirable but not a strict requirement.