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Headlines Open positions at ILLC

Headlines Open positions, general

Open positions at ILLC

  • (New) Postdoctoral Researcher Computational Argumentation and Information Quality

    Deadline: Friday 7 April 2023

    Are you interested in computational argumentation and reasoning? Do you have experience with working with formal approaches to the study of argumentation and information quality?

    The Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation (ILLC) currently has a vacancy for a postdoctoral research position as part of the broader field Human(e) AI. Within this field the focus is on data and platforms for social, cultural and economic innovation. ILLC is one of the five Research Schools within the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research.

  • (New) PhD in Theoretical Computer Science

    Deadline: Thursday 9 March 2023
    Do you enjoy working in an interdisciplinary research setting on intellectually challenging questions? The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) is looking for an ambitious PhD candidate for the research unit Theoretical Computer Science (
  • (New) Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Logic and Language

    Deadline: Thursday 2 March 2023
    We are looking for a strong candidate in philosophy of logic and language with a proven track-record of expertise in formal semantics and a broad background in philosophy. A successful candidate is expected to be able to offer teaching in philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, and theoretical philosophy.
  • (New) Assistant Professor in the Philosophy of AI

    Deadline: Thursday 2 March 2023
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become very successful and has made a huge impact in our lives. However, this success has an important downside as well: the novel machine-learning methods on which this success depends behave (for us) like a black box. The reason behind the predictions and decisions made by AI-products are rarely well-understood, not even by experts. Worse, such predictions and decisions are well-known to be biased as well. All of this leads to unwelcome consequences, typically to the disadvantage of members of underrepresented social groups. For this reason and more, we are looking for a colleague who can reflect upon these recent developments in AI and teach on its philosophical foundations.
  • Assistant Professor Virtual Simulation of Human Conversational Behavior

    Deadline: Wednesday 15 February 2023
    Research on human communication has mostly focused on text and speech. In face-to-face communication, however, gestures, facial expressions, eye gaze, and body postures also play an essential role. This is especially true in sign languages, which are entirely non-vocal in nature. But in spoken languages, too, gestures and facial expressions play an important role.
  • PhD Position in Explainable AI in Finance

    Deadline: Wednesday 15 February 2023

    Are you interested in doing a PhD in Explainable AI (XAI) with applications on financial services? Do you want to make a substantial scientific contribution to field of algorithmic fairness while being part of the University of Amsterdam’s new AI4Fintech hub?

    At the Socially Intelligent Artificial Systems (SIAS) group of the Informatics Institute (IvI), and the Cognition, Language and Computation (CLC) lab of the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC),  we are interested in both advancing fundamental AI research and developing novel solutions for concrete problems from the Fintech Industry; targeting, in particular, explainability and fairness. As a part of this research, we are seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate, with a strong computational background and curiosity and passion for scientific research, to be part of these groups, and to help us push the boundary of explainability and fairness in algorithmic decision making, together with the Fintech industry.

    We offer a temporary contract for 38 hours per week for the duration of 4 years (the initial contract will be for a period of 18 months and after satisfactory evaluation it will be extended for a total duration of 4 years). The preferred starting date is March 2023. Your work should lead to a dissertation (PhD thesis). We will draft an educational plan that includes attendance of courses and (international) meetings. We also expect you to assist in teaching undergraduates and master students.

  • Scientific Programmer

    Deadline: Friday 10 February 2023
    Are you an enthusiastic and creative software developer who cares about user experience, and are you looking for an opportunity to interact directly with scientists trying to make their research accessible to the general public? Then you might be a great addition to our team!
    For more information, see here or at or contact Ulle Endriss at .

Open positions, general

  • GU_Logo.jpg

    (New) Doctoral position in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)

    Deadline: Tuesday 2 May 2023

    The Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg invites applications for one PhD position in Logic. The position is open to all topics in mathematical, philosophical and computational logic within the expertise of the Logic Group.

    * Duration: 4 years fully-funded

    * Starting date: September 2023 or by agreement

    * Deadline: 2 May 2023

  • PhD position in Computational Social Choice, IRIT, Toulouse (France)

    Deadline: Wednesday 15 March 2023

    We have an opening for a PhD position in computational social choice at IRIT, Toulouse (France) starting in September 2023. The topic is preference learning for e-democracy.

  • PhD position in Model Checking and Automated Mechanism Design, IRIT, Toulouse (France)

    Deadline: Wednesday 15 March 2023

    We have an opening for a PhD position in Model Checking and Automated Mechanism Design at IRIT, University of Toulouse (France) starting in September 2023. The duration is 3 years, with a salary of 2300 EUR gross which can be complemented by teaching hours.

    Two-step selection procedure: first by the AI departement (April), then by the doctoral school (May). Deadline for applications (CV, cover letter, name and contact of two references): 15 March 2023.

    For more information, see or contact Laurent Perrussel at .
  • (New) Assistant professor position in logic / semantics, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

    Deadline: Tuesday 14 March 2023

    The Department of Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers an open position as assistant professor in Theoretical Computer Science, in the area of logic or semantics, broadly construed.

  • stenen3.jpg

    (New) One or more Postdoctoral researcher in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)

    Deadline: Tuesday 28 February 2023

    The Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg invites applications for several postdocs in Logic. The positions are available on the research project "Taming Jörmungandr: The Logical Foundations of Circularity" lead by Graham E. Leigh and funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

    * Duration: 2-3 years each

    * Starting date: September 2023 or by agreement

    * Deadline: 28 February 2023

  • (New) 8 Open Positions in Philosophy at Utrecht University, UItrecht (the Netherlands)

    Deadline: Sunday 26 February 2023

    The department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Utrecht University has 8 open permanent positions in philosophy. The application deadline for all positions is February 26.

    The positions are:
    1. Associate Professor of Ethics or Political Philosophy of Technology (1.0 FTE)
    2. Assistant Professor of Ethics or Political Philosophy of Technology (1.0 FTE)
    3. Assistant Professor of Moral, Political, or Social Philosophy (1.0 FTE)
    4. Assistant Professor of Philosophy of AI (1.0 FTE)
    5. Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Science (1.0 FTE)
    6. Assistant Professor of Theories of Practical Reasoning (1.0 FTE)
    7. Assistant Professor of History of Islamic and European Philosophy (1.0 FTE)
    8. Assistant Professor of Modern European Philosophy (1.0 FTE)

    For more information, see here .
  • LundUniversity-square.png

    (New) PhD Positions in TCS at Lund University, Lund (Sweden)

    Deadline: Monday 20 February 2023

    The Department of Computer Science at LTH Lund University invites applications for up to two PhD positions in theoretical computer science with focus on computational complexity and algorithms. These are four-year full-time employed positions (including travel money) that come with an internationally very competitive salary. The PhD students will be working in the research group of Susanna de Rezende.

    There is a growing research group in algorithms and complexity theory at Lund University. We expect to have six PhD students by the autumn, in addition to two faculty and some MSc students working in computational complexity. The PhD students can also look forward to interacting with the five additional faculty in complexity theory in Copenhagen, together with their students and postdocs, as well as with the algorithms group at the Basic Algorithms Research Copenhagen (BARC) centre.

    For more information, see or contact Susanna de Rezende at .
  • (New) Lecturer in Computational Linguistics in UCL, London (UK)

    Deadline: Friday 17 February 2023

    The Linguistics department of University College London (UCL) is recruiting a lecturer (permanent academic post) in Computational Linguistics, with a deadline of 17th of February 2023! This is a very special opportunity in the heart of London, in one of the best UK universities. There will be potential for collaborations with the department of Computer Science and its AI Centre.