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    12 - 23 April 2021, Reading Group Tractatus

    Date & Time: 12 - 23 April 2021, 15:00-17:00
    Location: Online

    From May 17 to June 16 the Joint Research Center in Logic of Tsinghua University and the University of Amsterdam organises the on-line Centennial Lectures Series to commemorate the fact that in 2021 it is 100 years ago that Wittgenstein’s Tractatus was first published. By way of preparation, Hao Tand and Martin Stokhof organise a short, intensive reading group that is strictly focussed on reading the text of the Tractatus itself. This will allow students and interested faculty members, who have not read the Tractatus or who want to refresh their memory of it, to prepare for the lecture series so as to maximise its benefits.

    For more information, see or contact Martin Stokhof at .
  • Joint doctorate programme with University of St Andrews

    The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam and the Department of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews have inaugurated a four year (full-time) Joint Doctoral Programme. The aim of the Programme is to train world-leading researchers in Philosophy, Logic, Language, and Computation.

    The PhD candidates admitted to the Joint St Andrews-Amsterdam Programme will be supervised in co-tutelle by academics from both institutions. They will conduct research for at least one year at ILLC and one year at St Andrews. They will be awarded a joint degree and a twofold diploma, with the titles of Doctor for
    Amsterdam, and Doctor of Philosophy for St Andrews.

    Specific individual student agreements can be designed to suit the needs of each PhD candidate in co-tutelle.

    The academic coordinators of the Joint Programme are for ILLC, UvA, and for St Andrews. They can be contacted for further information.

    For more information, contact Luca Incurvati at .
  • A New Platform for Chatting in Logic

    A new platform for discussions in logic and related subjects has recently been set up in Zulip. Here is the latest invite link: This link will be available for 13 days.

    For more information, contact Sayantan Roy at .
  • Blog post on automatic image captioning

    A new post is now online on the ILLC blog, talking about research by the Dialogue Modelling Group led by Raquel Fernández. The researchers found that image captioning algorithms can generate more human-like descriptions when they look at an image like humans do. Their findings shed light on the interaction of language and vision in human cognition.

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    Benedikt Löwe re-elected to an Extraordinary Fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge

    The Fellowship Electors of Churchill College, Cambridge have re-elected Benedikt Löwe to an Extraordinary Fellowship for five additional years (2021–2026). Benedikt has been affiliated with Churchill College since 2017, first as a By-Fellow, then as an Overseas Fellow, and since 2019 as an Extraordinary Fellow.

    For more information, see or contact Benedikt Löwe at .
  • Five ILLC members elected to the VvL Board

    At the virtual General Meeting held on 28 January 2021, the members of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logica en Wijsbegeerte der Exacte Wetenschappen (VvL) elected five members of the ILLC to the Board of the VvL for a term of six years: Nick Bezhanishvili, Davide Grossi, Benedikt Löwe, Sonja Smets, and Peter van Ormondt. Nick Bezhanishvili will serve as the new President and Peter van Ormondt as the new Treasurer of the VvL.

  • MoL students Nicolien Janssens and Nikki Westeijn part of winning project of Grassroots Science4all 2020

    In 2020, employees and students were again called upon to apply for financial support for projects to improve diversity and inclusion at the Faculty of Science. This time no fewer than six projects have received a Grassroots Science4all grant!