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  • 8 January - 26 April 2018, Applied Category Theory 2018 Adjoint School

    Date: 8 January - 26 April 2018
    Location: Online and at the Lorentz Center, Leiden
    Target audience: Graduate students and early career researchers
    Deadline: Wednesday 1 November 2017

    We're delighted to announce the Applied Category Theory 2018 Adjoint School, an initiative to bring early career researchers into the applied category theory community. The Adjoint School comprises two phases: (1) an online reading seminar based on the recent Kan Extension Seminars, and (2) a four day research week at the Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands. Participants will also be invited to attend Applied Category Theory 2018, which will be held immediately following the research week, also at the Lorentz Center.

    During the school, participants will work under the mentorship of four mentors, on one of the following research projects:
    - John Baez: Semantics for open Petri nets and reaction networks
    - Aleks Kissinger: Unification of the logic of causality
    - Martha Lewis: Compositional approaches to linguistics and cognition
    - Pawel Sobocinski: Modelling of open and interconnected systems

    The online seminar begins in early January 2018, and will run until the research week begins on April 23rd, 2018. Applied Category Theory 2018 will be held April 30th to May 4th.

    For more information, see or contact Brendan Fong at , or Nina Otter at .
  • 24 - 26 November 2017, ICTS maintenance planned

    Date: 24 - 26 November 2017

    From 24-26 November 2017 ICTS has planned major maintenance to its core systems. This means that on 24 and 25 November several ICT services will be offline. In addition, in Science Park the network will not be reachable.

    For more information, contact Peter van Ormondt at .
  • ERC Starting Grant for Luca Incurvati

    We are very pleased to announce that the European Research Council (ERC) has just awarded a Starting Grant to six
    researchers from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), including
    Luca Incurvati at ILLC (Faculty of Humanities), for his project
    From the Expression of Disagreement to New Foundations for
    Expressivist Semantics. A Starting Grant is a personal grant of
    about 1.5 million euros and provides research support to talented
    researchers for a period of five years.

  • Benedikt Löwe on the Executive Committee of CIPSH

    At the General Assembly of the Conseil International de Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (CIPSH) on 6 August 2017 in Liège (Belgium), Benedikt Löwe was elected to serve on the Executive Committee of CIPSH for the period of three years (2017-2020). CIPSH is the global representation of the humanities within UNESCO, founded in 1949 at the request of UNESCO to bring together national and international non-governmental organisations in the human sciences.

    For more information, see

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