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  • (New) Towards 100% open access: make use of Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act

    As of 1 January 2021 the UvA has a 100% open access policy for scientific publications. One of the possibilities for UvA researchers to make their publications freely accessible, is the right that derives from Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act. Based on this article of the law, a short scientific work – which has not previously been published open but in a subscription journal – can after some time nonetheless be made freely accessible by the author. This also applies to e.g. conference papers and edited chapters. You can give the UvA Library permission to arrange this for you.

  • Blog post on participatory budgeting & computational social choice

    A new article on the the ILLC blog discusses the work of the Computational Social Choice group on participatory budgeting. In Amsterdam and many other cities around the world, residents can decide what their city's budget should be spent on. Participatory budgeting is way to empower the local population and enhance democratic culture - but how to make sure decisions are fair and everyone is being heard?

  • Thomas Strahm (1965-2021)

    We are sorry to have to tell you that our friend and colleague Thomas Strahm passed away peacefully in the morning of April 26 after four years of suffering. His death was, however, sudden and unexpected.

    Thomas Strahm, born in Bern, is well-known for his many contributions to mathematical logic and theoretical computer science, more specifically, proof theory, explicit mathematics, higher type functionals in an applicative context, and applicative theories for computational complexity. He was one of the leading experts of explicit mathematics and made groundbreaking contributions to the metapredicativity program and the unfolding of theories. In addition to his many important research contributions, Thomas was deeply committed to the teaching of logic and theoretical computer science at all levels. The center of Thomas's research and teaching was the University of Bern, but he spent extended research stays at the Mathematical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Stanford University, the Mittag-Leffler Institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, and the University of Swansea. He was president of the Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Sciences SSLPS from 2010 to 2013. He also served as editor of the Journal of Symbolic Logic for many years.