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  • (New) Blog post on logic and how group beliefs form in social networks

    For the World Logic Day on January 14, we published a blog post about the work of Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets. They use logical models to investigate how group beliefs form in online social networks.

  • (New) Mike Yates (1939-2020)

    Professor C.E.M. Yates, Mike to all who knew him, died on the 21st of December 2020 in Bangor, North Wales, at the age of 81. Mike will be remembered with affection by all who knew him: caring, generous and greatly supportive of his students and colleagues and the discipline.

    For more information, see here .
  • Blog post on automatic fake news detection

    A new article on the ILLC blog discusses how natural language processing can help counter fake news on social media while also highlighting the ethical challenges that come with this technology.

    The piece features research projects by Marco Del Tredici and Raquel Fernández as well as Shantanu Chandra and Ekaterina Shutova.