Universiteit van Amsterdam

Maris Ozols receives an NWO Vidi grant


The ILLC is very happy to announce that Maris Ozols has received an NWO Vidi grant.

While quantum computers can solve certain computational problems much faster than regular computers, finding new quantum algorithms is generally difficult. The goal of the Vidi project "Mathematics of Quantum Algorithms" is to do this using advanced mathematical techniques from group theory and algebra. Specifically, Ozols will use representation theory to derive new algorithms and subroutines with quantum input and quantum output, and he will apply known Hadamard matrix constructions and ideas from group cohomology to find new classes of problems that are well-suited for quantum speed-ups. Finally, the plan is to identify a sufficiently rich quantum algorithmic framework and implement it as software.

For more information, see https://homepages.cwi.nl/~maris/ or contact Maris Ozols at .