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25-29 August 2003,
ESSLLI Workshop: Conditional and Unconditional Modality

Date: 25-29 August 2003
Location: Vienna, Austria

This workshop will be held as part of the 15th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI),


The workshop is intended as part of a research program that aims

  • to explore the logical constructs for alethic, deontic, and epistemic modalities which underlie the semantics of natural language modals and conditionals.
  • to provide a theoretical basis for the various descriptive generalizations capturing the distribution and interpretation of modal expressions in terms of the modal and temporal notions involved.
  • to build compositional semantics for various types of modal expressions that is uniform across conditional and non-conditional uses.

The workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas between researchers working in different linguistic schools and to bridge the gap between l'art pour l'art logic and empirically grounded linguistic analysis.


The workshop is organized by the Interest Group in Mood & Modality.


  • Cleo Condoravdi, PARC and Stanford University
  • Stefan Kaufmann, Northwestern University, Chicago
  • Jan Nuyts, University of Antwerp
  • Frank Veltman, University of Amsterdam


The workshop will consist of five sessions of 90 minutes each, held over five days. There will be two presentations at each session with time for questions and discussion.


The papers presented may also be found at


Workshop contributors will be required to register for ESSLLI-2003. Reduced registration fees apply to authors of accepted papers. The workshop is open to all ESSLLI participants.


To obtain further information about ESSLLI-2003, please visit the ESSLLI site.

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.