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New Journal "Knowledge, Rationality and Action"

Deadline: 13 February 2004

Kluwer announces a new section of the journal "Synthese", called "Knowledge, Rationality and Action". As of 2004, this section will appear as two separate issues.

The aim of the section is to provide a platform for researchers in a formal approach to the process comprising rational behaviour: from gathering and representing information, via reasoning and decision making up to acting.

Consequently, the journal will address topics relating to

Gathering information, reasoning about knowledge, belief, uncertainty, and information about changing situations: information flow, belief revision and updates.
Bounded rationality and resource bounded reasoning, common sense reasoning, non-classical logics modeling different modes of reasoning, reasoning with and under uncertainty, reasoning under incomplete information, reasoning about informational, motivational and emotional attitudes.
Optimal and satisfycing behaviour, preferences, cooperative and competitive behaviour, logic and game theory, solution concepts of games, computational models of rational behaviour.
Decision making, theories of belief and action, rational agency.

The scope of the journal is interdisciplanary: it should be of interest for researchers from fields including Artificial Intelligence, Agents, Computer Science, Knowledge Representation, Game Theory, Economics, Logic, Philosophy, Mathematics, Cognitive Science, Cryptography, Auction Theory and application specialists using formal and mathematical methods and tools.

Editor-in-Chief: Wiebe van der Hoek(University of Liverpool)
Editorial Board: Johan van Benthem(UvA, Stanford) and others

Submissions to the journal are welcome at:

For more information, see or refer to Wiebe van der Hoek (ed in Chief) ()

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.