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9 - 13 August 2021, ESSLLI-2021 Workshop "Approaches to Implicature", Online via Zoom

Date: 9 - 13 August 2021
Location: Online via Zoom
Deadline: Saturday 15 February 2020

Recent work in implicature has seen a great deal of activity within two lines of research: the rational choice approach associated with game-theoretic pragmatics and the Bayesian Rational Speech Act framework, and the exhaustification-based approach. While these frameworks have generally been thought to be in theoretical tension, there are also underexplored ways to combine them, with the potential to benefit both approaches. The workshop will explore explicit comparisons between the two frameworks as well as efforts to combine them, with the hope of producing a more unified theory of implicature and a more general understanding of the data that such a theory must account for.

We welcome 2-page abstracts for presentations on topics related to the workshop theme, with an optional 3rd page for references and large figures. Depending on submissions received, there may also be a poster session. Abstracts must be submitted in PDF format (12-point font, 1.5-cm or 1-in margins) to the Easychair site.

Example topics of interest include but are not limited to: Applications of RSA or other game-theoretic or probabilistic pragmatics models to phenomena in semantics/pragmatics, Applications of exhaustification-based approaches to phenomena in semantics/pragmatics, Approaches to pragmatic inference that explicitly compare and/or combine theoretical perspectives, Theoretical, corpus-based, and experimental pragmatics, and Implicature, presupposition, not-at-issue content, expressive meaning, social meaning.

For more information, see or contact Dan Lassiter at .

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.