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CfP special issue of Logic and Logical Philosophy on "Logics & their interpretations"

Deadline: Saturday 20 February 2021

Logical systems of classical and non-classical sorts are often endowed with a variety of interpretations: semantic, proof-theoretic, metaphysic, epistemic, pragmatic, informational, dialogical, and more. Work along these lines has led to the connection of logic to many other areas of knowledge and research. The attempt to draw these connections is, however, sometimes met with a number of criticisms. On the one hand, many of these interpretations have been subject to discussion, trying to determine if the conceptual and the formal aspects align as required. On the other hand, scholars who reject some contentions interpretations of certain formal systems debate whether these logics should be dispensed with in light of their philosophical interpretations, or whether it is possible to embrace them without endorsing such interpretations. Examples of the above are the debates between the fictionalist and the realist interpretations of possible worlds for modal logics, and between the dialetheic and the epistemic interpretations of paraconsistent logics. Furthermore, there is a question of which if any is the canonical application of logic as a discipline and therefore of any given logical system. In this vein, some scholars believe that a distinction between pure logic and applied logic needs to be taken into account, which may or may not resemble the medieval divide between logica docens and logica utens.

The aim of this special issue is to discuss these topics and to assess the effect of the answers provided in the relation between logic and the many disciplines related to it. Contributions are welcome from philosophers, logicians, mathematicians, linguists, and computer scientists. Submissions must be in English and use the form of a source LaTeX file.

For more information, see or contact Henrique Antunes (UFMG) at , or Damian Szmuc (IIF-SADAF-CONICET & UBA) at .

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.