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CfP topical collection of Synthese on temporal reasoning and tensed truths

Deadline: Saturday 31 December 2022

This topical collection is dedicated to the formal representation of arguments involving *temporal* *reasoning *and* tensed truths*; in particular, arguments with a clear significance to everyday life.

In a broad perspective, temporal reasoning can be rigorously encoded via *intensional logic*, treating tenses as modalities, or via *extensional logic*, quantifying over domains of temporal objects (e.g., instants, intervals, etc.). Nowadays there are several formal devices (languages, systems, semantics, etc.) able to deal with time in many regards. Each of these devices is characterized by peculiar features, such as a certain choice of primitive notions and, arguably, a certain kind of ontological commitment. The truth-conditions of (the propositions expressed by) statements involving tenses can be explained either in terms of the 'past-present-future' opposition (McTaggart's A-theory) or in terms of the 'earlier-later' opposition (McTaggart's B-theory). Moreover, taking into account the difference between chronologically definite propositions and chronologically indefinite propositions (Rescher 1966), it is possible to distinguish between atemporal and temporal (or *tensed*) notions of truth. This topical collection will primarily focus on the latter.

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